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For entertainment, which displaces sleep or other cognitively challenging activities which may interrupt the stress recovery cycle needed for growth. And you study warns that the immune systems of killer whales, as well as their ability to reproduce are at extreme risk due to contamination of polychlorinated biphenyls or pay CB's despite their being nearly global ban in the chemicals for thirty years. PCB's with chemicals commonly used in electron IX. Now a report in the journal science wounds that the ongoing pay CB threat effects more than half of the world's orcas. It says that over the next hundred years, whale populations near industrialized regions and those at the top of the food chain, our at a high risk of population. Collapse. Well, the United Nations, Atomic Energy Agency couldn't find them so is rarely Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu is exposed Iran's top sacred Nikolay away house. It turns out it's in the very hot of Tehran. These rarely prime minister also disclosed the location of three illegal rain. Missile factories in Beirut Netanyahu provided the corroborating evidence to the United Nations. General assembly, giving the coordinates and warning that these limit Republic is now dispersing fifteen kilograms of radioactive material throughout Tehran. In order to hide it from you and atomic weapons inspectors, the United Nations. General assembly was told this evidence proves Tehran has not abandoned its nuclear weapons program and Shipley hiding. It gets with told that sacred atomic warehouse is being used for storing massive amounts of quick material from Iran's sacred nuclear weapons program. Paleontologist discovered an older relative. The Brontosaurus theropod dinosaur in South Africa, a report in the journal. Current biology says the fossils of the twelve ton two hundred million year old behemoth well on earth on a farm on the border of South Africa and Sota. They say the gigantic hub of will was one of the first four legged Sarah pods, but it had yet built the elephant like legs exhibited by most out of the Sarah pods. Syrup pods as dinosaurs with elephant, like bodies and legs are very long, neck and small head at one end and a long tail of the other just think of Dana from the Flintstones. The new dinosaur is be named leader, mighty my foodie, which means giant thunderclap at dawn in the Africans. Soto language. This being another major security breach at Facebook with the social media giant confirming that more than fifty million profiles, including that of the company's boss. Mark Zuckerberg of Bain hat, hackers have exploited a fault that affected the US feature, which lets people say what their profiles look like to someone else. The tech giant was forced to log out of a ninety million accounts to help resolve the issue with the details with joined by Alexandra Royd from IT why there was a vulnerability in the view as that allow people to upload a happy birthday via and some have access to these tokens, and he's tokens were like little ks that allowed you to love Becky without having to Raeside in every single time. And the head is rival to Hannah size and then Bryk into people's accounts and take the migrant colluding Motsak bug and his sister shell Sambat and Facebook. I announced that it was fifty million. Then they said, look, we've reset the titans on total of ninety million accounts, but the clear lesson to be learned from here. And the interesting thing is this hack was detected a year. A year ago over a year ago taken a long time to figure this out, and they saw a surge in his view as tippety which took them off. So I say into realize something was now what it shows is that you shouldn't using your Facebook blogging to log into online services because there's also a worry that people were able to use these digital tycoons to log into other online services that authenticated by your face profusion. I've been password will buy Facebook digital token. So it's a bad idea to use your Google Twitter, Facebook to log into other sites. You should use username and password that he's separate. This basically attached to your Email and also you reconsider whether you need to use Facebook little because they have a long history of security breaches, and they started taking seriously yet problems. Keep having anything Facebook than us about right now. The issue with fake news is still a big one. Facebook say they're working on it, but I haven't done much well, look, I mean the the problem is that it's it's had for for Facebook to have announced within that is trying to stop people from sharing content. We one of the things that happened with Facebook's. Own data breach was the gentlest putting up stories about Facebook dot abrasion, Facebook algorithm sang all we think this is potentially fake news, funny, funny that, yeah. Now you've got vice book, you know, working with both the democratic and Republican Institute. Now these oganizations are only loosely aligned with the actual organization themselves. But look Facebook is trying to make sure that it's website is not a conduit for fake news, and we've seen how foreign entities have manipulated people into thinking that certain posts

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