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Garrisonville road look out for the crash We do have word of an incident with response en route unclear of which lanes are blocked Monique blither WTP traffic Now does storm team four meteorologist Matt Ritter as we keep an eye on things this afternoon Yeah we're going to have some strong wind gusts later on this afternoon into this evening Mike It's already windy out there right now and we're starting to get wind gusts of around 20 to 30 mph They could go as high as 55 mph later on this evening as a strong cold front gets closer to us In the meantime the strong southerly winds that push the warm front through this morning are making it unseasonably warm and it's actually kind of humid too for this time of the year where near our record highs we're going to max out in the upper 60s most spots low 70s and a few spots ever so close to those records right now if we had a lot of sunshine today we would have broken them by now but we still have the clouds Now we'll start getting start getting a couple showers and some gusty thunderstorms Late this afternoon in some of our far western counties then it will move through the heart of the listening area the I 95 corridor during the evening hours and everything will be ending by midnight tonight The showers that is A couple of thunderstorms could produce some wind gusts that are even stronger than 55 So there could be some wind damage later on as the cold front goes barreling through this evening Now temperatures will plummet behind the front into the upper 40s overnight tonight Wind speeds won't be as strong as they were during the day but it'll still be kind of windy and it'll be breezy for tomorrow We'll have a mixture of clouds and sunshine it will be more seasonable Highs will be in the low 50s Monday mostly sunny and milder mid to upper 50s and mostly sunny warmer on Tuesday upper 50s to low 60s 64 right now and gave this Berg 65 and culpeper and 66 at Washington Regan national Thank you man Right now 65° outside the WTO studios brought to you by noodle.

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