Deputy Attorney General, Mr Gowdy, FBI discussed on Howie Carr


Point five wdbo sean hannity on news ninety six point five whilst august we should have subpoena we should have been provided all of this information that we've been asking for over and over and over again we issued a new subpoena and so now we've been waiting we've we've attended to briefings they were very small briefings not a lot of information but we were happy it was progress we believe that there are some documents information that we will review this week what i would say is if you don't have anything to hide the deputy attorney general knows that mr gowdy would love to exonerate the department of justice in the fbi so just provide us all the documents everything that we're asking for let us come all the way through it and we'll show letter on friday and we'll be done with this clearly they're asking for significant changes they're asking for it to be watered down and redacted and also worried about the timing of the release of the document which it seems they may want to release it on the eve of the president's summit with kim jong un in other words an attempt to bury it four hundred plus pages completed several weeks ago and it's supposed to address the use of hillary clinton's illegal server and of course or obstruction of justice and of course the fixed being in we already know the outcome of what it should be and it's gone on long enough and i think the american people have a right to all of this information we're also learning today a lot of other new information i'm going to pass onto us that the i report is accusing komi of insubordination and other things we'll get to that in a second we've got mccabe the deputy fbi director appears now may be a key witness seeking immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony what appears to be against jim komi and a circular firing squat is now developing here we're finding out that it looks like you know james komi selected the most notorious trumpeter in the fbi thrown both the hillary email and the russia gay probes i'm talking about one of the lovebirds peter struck member his girlfriend was andrew mccabe in elite attorney at the fbi anyway struck who was pulled off.

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