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Problem is resolved. And i need to kind of say away from that whole thing but yeah no i understand. This is all just information just from the clinical studies. So there's no medical advice given here it is simply information being passed on but then you know even if you go back to the studies. Let's say that. Russia did on you talked about it on the gas employees from gas. That's it it's not like they were saying okay. Are you a smoker or are you not a smoker. Are you right like everybody. Saw that needle move. Who were on the peptides but maybe lifestyle comes into play with how well they're going to work depending on what you're doing correct. Yeah this. this is not a cure all by any means at all. But what this does is it makes you. The peptides will make you much healthier and so the gas prompt studies that we looked at in the t. lemurs section. What they had was about a two point six two point. Eight reduction in Sickness based on people showing up for work the number of days that people were missing work so they added control group not on the peptides than they had a control or peptide group and what they figured out what the data showed was that there was a two point. Seven times reduction in miss days by the due to respiratory diseases based on using the peptides. And i think overall overall sickness was two point eight or two point nine times reduced so basically. It's protecting people that what is really doing sandy is. It's taking those organs particularly the famous and the pioneer gland and regenerating them Such that they become much more effective at warding off disease. Right right okay. I have a couple of other questions and then we've already gone to over an hour. I get the feeling that stress seems to be a pretty huge factor so not everyone and i always liked to make this applicable to anybody. Not everyone can go onto a clinical study. Not everyone can take peptides. However it seems that stress seems to be the big factor which can really affect your overall health and wellness. Would you agree with that. Sort of the reason i say. I think there's two things that it would be hard to tease out which is more impactful and the two things are stress and diet. Okay yeah we know. As i mentioned in the teela mer study The studies that were done by lisbeth blackburn out of uc san francisco who one of the recipients of the nobel prize in two thousand nine that pregnant women who had a stressful pregnancy give birth to newborns with significantly shorter telomeres to go through life with..

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