A. G. A. T., Microsoft discussed on Money Matters with Dean Greenberg


The dividend paying stocks absolutely got to put some of those oil stocks on the paying great dividends right now but if you're looking for participation in the balance I don't think that's going to help you with the bounce right now what was the other one the other one was the broad based yes he basically what base I said this early today being in the broad based indexes especially for long should always have some of those in your portfolio because those are the ones that say if you make a new high in not and why do I think it's great to be in the indexes especially the a little bit of the dal because they're gonna change the dial and put in the good stocks so they can make a new height think about this apple Microsoft visa the staff woman in the in the dial ten fifteen years ago they're in the down now but they've got with A. G. A. T. and T. and those are probably a whole bunch of them that I can't remember off the top my head right now but they change the stocks that are in there same thing with the S. and P. five hundred if they no longer a stock that could make a difference in the S. and P. five hundred the not the top five hundred they go away they take the next fight the best five hundred so these indexes will make new highs nasdaq one hundred is based pretty much sixty percent you want all those those gray a tech stocks you buy the nasdaq one hundred they're going to have all those cuts those tech stocks I think there's like I don't know six seven eight of them that make up basically sixty percent of the nasdaq and that's how you go ahead and make money when the markets turn on these quick down falls we'll be right back to money matters show give some more calls eight eight zero five six seven eight eight eight zero okay in the state.

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