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The final scoring for Xavier individual scoring they had 1234 players in double figures, paced by Zac Free Man. Oh, he had a double double 22 points 10 rebounds. He was outstanding shot Well, way above 50% at 10 for 16 scoring. Puting. Jones Cobi Jones, a career high 20 points for him to go along with six rebounds. He also had two steals in the game. Other double figure scores were Nate Johnson and Paul Scruggs with 14 points apiece. Nate Johnson. That kind of stats stuffer of a game. 14 points, seven rebounds, six assists for him. Past grabs. 14.6 rebounds, six assists. For him. Kunkle struggle from the field. He had five points. He was to pretend shooting from the field, one for seven from behind the arc. Harder. Jason Carter three points, two rebounds. C J will chair three points for him in 12 minutes. He also saw Kiki Tanny enter the game. He played five minutes and scored three points for ST John's. They were paced by Sham Penny, who had 21 points and five rebounds. Early 10 16 point really hurt the Musketeers on four for five shooting. From behind the arc. Pasha Alexander. Nice game. 15 points, eight rebounds, nine assist. For the small point guard. He just was a thorn in the musketeer side all game done. At 17 points called three Williams eight Wool suit, too, and more at 11 points and five rebounds, including four dunks Interesting. Early two came off the bench. He scored 16 points and he was huge early. He was 4 to 5. From three point range of the ball game. At one point, he was four for four, Perfect five for five from the field. He had a big influence on this game in the first half. Yeah, he did. Joe, and I think that was the key in the game. It was the offense from ST John's ever just Could not score. I mean, could not slow them down ST John's Scored. 93 points think that's the second highest amount of points given up by Xavier and those ever gave up 46 points at halftime, which was The most in a half for Xavier savior also gave the only other time they gave up more points was in an overtime win versus Eastern Kentucky. Xavier also I thought shot a lot of three pointers. Xavier's 11 40. You know, I'm thinking you're talking about the defense. I'm thinking Xavier could have escorted you make five more. You get 15 more points. You're still play 16 of 40 from three point range. That's you know that that great not real bad, but they could have perhaps got here. Win and It was a game. I was surprised Byron How aggressive Both teams were from the get go. The first five minutes were frantic up and down the court three point shots flying for both ends and it had all the year. Markings you said is being a shootout and pretty much was and the better shooting team won the ball game. Yeah, that's just kind of what it it turned out to be. I'm sure Travis still did not want that kind of game, especially on their home floor. But that's what That's what it turned out, and not a favorable result for the Musketeers were hoping to talk with the coach. The next segment. The final score. ST John's 93 The Savior Musketeers. 84 year, listening to Xavier basketball familiar field. I am Jay College on 700. Wlw. I'm looking for a new job. Pro Link is hiring Pro Link is one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the nation. Visit pro links, staffing calmed if you thousands.

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