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Hundred five seven five nineteen nineteen that's eight hundred five seven five nineteen nineteen pope Francis is hitting the road heading for the three M. as of the. the Indian Ocean Francis is set to head off on a weeklong peace mission on Wednesday to Madagascar Mozambique and Mauritius he'll start in Mozambique one of the world's poorest countries hostilities following a post colonial civil war have dragged on with the peace accord struck only last month Frances will meet for the government civil society leaders and diplomats ahead of an election next month that will be the first test of a peace treaty there will also stop in Madagascar and the island of Mauritius renowned as a tax haven where the rich of the world's global south hide their money Meghan Williams ABC news Rome in Chicago are Kelly has been moved into the general population of the federal lock up there court documents claim R. Kelly's housing conditions were largely by its own choosing as he preferred to live in the special housing unit or S. H. U. at the metropolitan correctional center Chicago and refused as cell mate he was given one anyway the court documents show for three weeks are Kelly remained at the SAG which is more restrictive than general population but is not solitary confinement he was transferred to the general population Tuesday Ribeiro ABC news Chicago shortly after alligators season opened in Mississippi last Friday to hunters caught a monster a thirteen and a half footer took him ninety minutes to wrestle thing nearly a hundred pounds into the boat it was just shy of the state record eight hundred twenty two pounds this is ABC news come on whose time twelve oh four. triple a traffic every ten minutes on the force there clear in Normandy park south on highway five oh nine was closed between normally park drive in south one ninety second for police investigation all lanes are open now and in Tacoma we have road we're going on on the south thirty eight street on ramp to south five that's closed until five AM and the north five ramp Portland Avenue closed until four AM and the support is sponsored by Tulalip resort and casino discover the unrivaled gaming power of one the only game in card you need find all the details but to lay the.

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