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You know i i expect pixar movies make me cry or to be very emotionally involved in this is a fun adventure but it's not it's not that kind of pixar film that was kind of the first film to it wasn't that emotionally involved either just the fun romp like a fun family rob and that's fine as well in don't get me wrong here i'm not saying this movie is bad this is the very good movie i'd give it like seven point five out of ten you know that's a good movie i just don't think i don't know i just don't think anywhere on the level of the first film but maybe can't believe you hate incredible st peter that's crazy okay here's a hater brattle hotel artists the first buzz came online and you did around up for the sites by the way what is this film because it's not on the level of the two films we just mentioned in what do people think of it yeah so this is a movie that feels like it might be set within the john wick universe but it is not it's follows a hotel that is set up as a sort of a haven for criminals to make an escape and get healed up when they're on the run from the law from other criminals what have you it's run by jodie foster who sort of this old shoveled slightly refer on the edges nurse and features on simulcast of you know collection that is very strange to see all the movie sterling k brown sophia patella jeff goldblum jenny slate zachary toes charlie day dave batista and then the the danger and intrigue sort of escalates than i goes on because apparently something sterling k brown has is something that jeff goldblum and his gang wants and the you're not supposed to kill each other or fight in the hotel but they start breaking rules and all hell breaks loose it's directed by drew pearce who is the writer of iron man three he's making his directorate debut.

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