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Estimates the Commonwealth his position to receive at least $9 billion under the latest federal covert 19 relief and Economic stimulus Law States estimate does not include its share of the largest single program in the new law, more than $280 billion in small business assistance under the Paycheck protection program. Of the money of the new package, more than $3 billion would go to unemployment assistance. Another three billion in one time economic impact payments to individuals in the state, nearly $815 million set to go through the elementary and secondary School Emergency relief fund. Also inside the latest stimulus packages a change to the real I D process. WBC's Karen Regal tells us it might actually make your life easier. No one likes going to the registry of motor vehicles. No disrespect to the people who work there, but the stimulus bill would allow states to take documents electronically. Rather than in person, says the state registrar, and even allow people to offer documents on electronic devices like your cell phone registered Jamie Tesler tell Statehouse news. There are regulatory processes that need to play out. But this could be a sea change his words on how we all get our license is real ideas a federal requirement. It's aimed at increasing security for identification, and those ideas will be needed to board a plane or enter a federal building, for example. Chairman. Regal WBZ Boston's news radio Guilty play in federal court from a Boston man in a case of secret filming of Boys in restrooms at the Boston Latin School, 36 year old Eric Tran tie of Boston became the focus of law enforcement. When a couple Boston college students reported they were videotaped without their knowledge and arrest room on campus. Police arrested tie and found a bunch of videos and cameras at his home, including videos of boys in restrooms at the Boston Latin School. That's when the feds got involved. They discovered that he would either hide in the stall and stick a camera above a petition or place of back back with the camera in the bathroom and videotape that way. He was arrested almost two years ago by federal authorities and has now pled guilty in federal court to two counts. Of possession of child pornography. He will be sentenced at a later date. Carl Steven stop BBC Boston's news radio, the highest court in Ohio. Here's a legal dispute over arming teachers. The Ohio Supreme Court will hear a school district's appeal of a ruling that says it must provide police level training to employees who agree to carry concealed weapons. The Madison district in southwestern Ohio voted to allow armed school employees after a 2016 shooting in which two students were wounded by a 14 year old boy. Several parents, including gun owners sued the district to prevent teachers from being armed without extensive training. Gym Krystle a CBS violence in Washington last week, and some uncertainty about the future has one impact you may not have considered, stocks of gun manufacturers have spiked after Wednesday's attack of the U. S. Capitol. It's unclear exactly why last year gun sales hit record highs as some Americans concerned about possible increased gun control measures. If Joe Biden was elected, bought weapons. Wendy Gillette, CBS News 38. We head off the Wall Street on this Tuesday, Andrew Day is had Bloomberg certainly little bit better than we were yesterday. Yeah, We can definitely say that the latest measure of us small business sentiment showing an unexpected drop is a drag on the market. But word of wider covert vaccine availability is helping Send index is the other way. Right now they're going the other way More down, Rising 45. NASDAQ Up 29 S and P 500 Hang on S and P. It's up one point the monster rally of the nation's housing market, which has served as a bright spot in the economy during the pandemic. They already have. Pete. That's what the latest tally of US home prices may be suggesting real estate investment platform howls reports a year over year increase of 13.8% in home asking prices last week. That is down from a 16.5% peak in July. Among the 100 biggest metro areas. Boston remained pretty hot year over year prices up 17.2% last week and rode a Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio at.

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