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I just don't know what's going on a colin trevorrow who was slated to doubt direct episode nine and had been on board since like two thousand fifteen and then you start principle photography and just a few months on wednesday four or five months apparently creative differences of with the people who run in at all and he has stepped aside and this comes on the heels of all the right the director directors from the han solo's salts solo project they got fired like after most of principle photography edited i go movie guys able yes yes yes there is a lego movie coming out this fall that i i love those lego move their fun yeah the really fine trevor a drastic world yet to drastic world so it's not like proven go getting kicked at the current yes so i don't know exactly what's going has everything is very tightly controlled that comes out of it now ron howard went in and he's going to finish off the hansolaf movie and i have high hopes that i mean he obvious he knows what he's doing but we'll see if he's issue sounds like studio interference and it's sounds like people trying to to ring the last dollar out of yeah and and there killing it yet kelon killing me i get what's the new are killin what's the the woman kathleen kennedy it's not like she doesn't have a great resume well she'd been involved in some of the biggest movies of all time like etf i think is on earth back to the future like she's been part of a bunch of big stuff and they really nailed the first episode the first one bag force awakens yeah here and i and for what it's worth i loved rogue one i thought it was a great movie director and that was a gareth edwards even he i remember during the shoot they had to do reach you then national science going five rogue one was just a money grab oh see from that was the star was movie that i've been waiting for my life yeah i thought they captured the feel of really what that environment should be the three that that lucas did the the prequel three those are the ones that we just have a star channel.

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