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No, no. Is the five yeses minus three fifty per sky book? Oh, what those are high odds. They are minus three fifty. But I do think that one of them's gonna die. So at least one, if not both. Man. That's really tough. I'm gonna go. No, just because of the I'm gonna go, okay, I'll be that guy. What about you. I, I mean, I think it's a hundred percent. Yes, but the terrible. If it's a hundred percent, you should probably bet on it that way. No, but the odds are still terrible. And what if something weird happens? There's some weird technicality, right? I don't know. Oh, by the way, I guess I should have mentioned this. There are some interesting conditions to this one. Applies to season eight only wants dead. Wagers will be settled as yes. Any attempts to to resurrect or otherwise dead state will not count, oh, grew that. So that does not count the ice dragon. Well, the ice dragging Mary to be the one doing the killing. I think that. I'm going. Yes, I'm going. Yes, I'm there. They're one of them's dying. I agree. One hundred percent. I think it's very likely that's the case who will kill Searcy Lancaster. This plies, how all imbedding we've got so man, we've got a clear favorite in the clubhouse here. I'm gonna stray me. I'm gonna start. I'm going to start the other side of this Tyrian Lancaster's plus twelve hundred someone else. Something else. Plus six fifty. Are you stark plus two hundred and leader? Jimmy Lancaster minus three hundred. Wow, I love the aria star blind. There should have thought about that. She's been killing everybody in sight. She took care of the phrase with the rat pie free by using. I got a boy. I think I gotta go. Are you there. Just with how the odds play out. I like that sky book. They're, they're very bullish towards Jamie Lancaster here, and that makes sense because I think we all kind of see that coming. There's been a lot of to that, but it'd be a nice little. You know, the nice little turn around here. If aria got her that her do. All right, who will be killed or destroyed? I applies in bedding the and we're talking. We're gonna talk about the gain boys. Here. We've got Greg or the mountain able and Sandura. The hound click gain. The mountain is minus two hundred prescribe look and sky book has the hound plus one fifty. And they fight. This is one hundred percent. These two squaring off the cocaine bull is happening happening. I just don't know. I think they're both gonna die. They're booking. Who's going all, I guess. It says it killed her destroyed fur's okay, I'm going with sand or I. Really. You think the hound Stein furthest. I think I just look. I remember the what do they call the other one in the when the mountain when the mountain pops windows names is out now the worst. Oh, one of my worst seems on the right wedding. Obviously in this in this series, by the way spoilers. A little of that. Fine. If you haven't seen it by now and you're listening to this, the. The seventy eighth minute of this podcast than sorry. Yeah, so remember it was like that whole thing. You thought he was dead and then before and then sure enough pops his eyes out and he's that. I worry about that happening again and that it takes somebody else possibly aria to kill them out, wow, that they're very high on. Arias. Murdering, ability to aria book starts are going to have their come up to this and some for better for worse. But I think our is gonna be a major player in the murder of several key villains if this show. I don't know that there is many times that I've been this happy that this is the direction the show is taken. But. Our game of thrones propagates from sky book sportsbook bet on today. Well, that was fun. When you are listening. When you're listening to this, you will have

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