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What the hell is up with the stupid hour by hour temperature graph? This isn't statistics class. Just give me the time and the projected temperature. That's it. This thing is useless. Right. All right, let's go to the tweet. All right, on to the tweets. The starting block at the starting block writes this was on Tuesday night. What will happen first? Jordan walker won't get a hit or the raise will lose a game, Jordan rock, walker zero for four last night. Yep, well, the raise answered that question for you starting block. All righty, Zach bison at Zach beast in 22, writes in buster. What are the twins doing that the guardians are not to lead the AL central? Well, they're pitching has been absurdly good early in the year. And we'll see if they continue that. I know when I was around the twins camp early on, it was confidence about how good the pitching would be, especially backed by what was an effort by the twins front office to make the defense better. Andrew Campbell at real camp three writes in talking home run celebrations. Do you all remember The Tonight Show in New York with our old pal, Ronald Torres and Aaron judge, instant classic, they had the shoebox camera and bat mic. It was a full production, but nothing beats the simple thumbs down Sally in 20 17. Love the thumbs up. Scott Fraser. That was Todd Frazier. That was great. Reggie at baseball Yoda weather writes in baseball, keeps saying it would want to expand to 32 teams. My question with so many teams wanting and why not 36, 36 is very doable. We went from 20 to 24 and 69. That's a 20% increase. That is what 30, two 36 is. He lays out a whole scheduling plan. I think it's just all about diluting the talent pool in the product. Yeah, now I think they got to go slower than that. I do think two are two is perfect. Corey Rupert's with the last one of the week, Corey writes in, adding Salt Lake City to Vegas, Portland, a national is expansion spots is perfect. The a's to Las Vegas, the race pick one of the other three, two expansion teams remaining in the other two, killing two birds with one stone with the a's and Tampa Bay needing new stadiums. Yes. West needs some more teams. It's thin out here. Seattle's travel miles are outrageous. I think the rays jump to Nashville and Portland and Salt Lake City get expansion teams. What do you think about all this? If I had to guess today, I think the razor sold to another owner in the Tampa Bay Area, maybe with in Tampa, then that's where they land. I don't know where the athletics are going to land. I always say that you're not going to believe anything about the athletics getting a new ballpark still actually a ribbon cutting and a groundbreaking ceremony. I do think that they do need another team out west, Salt Lake is really interesting. We've talked about Portland. I think it's a done deal that Nashville will get one of the two expansion teams. Would you make me happy is someone who lives for a lot of years. Big music sit at music city buster, Montana buster, Vermont buster music. You got a lot of monikers. You think kimbo has a lot of monikers, buster, take a look in the mirror, man. All right, that's it for bleacher tweets. Thanks, everyone. And that's it for today. That's it for this week's my thanks to Ravi hambo Sara and Taylor. Have a great day everybody. Thanks for listening. Stay safe and remember, hating inequality based on skin color is something we need to fight against every single day. How would you love a chance to save some money on car insurance? Geico can help. Switch today and see all the ways you could save

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