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Commands methods eighty years and murder of bought brother of former Baltimore police focusing details following the Fox News. It's now eight o clock. Stay connected with stimulating talk and breaking news on talkradio six eighty w CDM Baltimore and wcbMcom. Was there? Funny business before President Trump's inauguration? I'm Dave Anthony, Fox News. Federal prosecutors in New York wants to know issuing a subpoena to the Trump inaugural committee Wall Street Journal, it's been reporting that federal investigators are trying to find out if donors gave money in exchange for political favors, and they also want to know if the committee misspent the one hundred seven million dollars it raised to stage events celebrating the inauguration. Joe NATO the committee says it intends to cooperate tonight. The president goes to congress to deliver the state of the union calling for unity. He's calling for an answer. Retribution and resistance politics to the president Kellyanne Conway says he'll push for a wall, which Democrats refused to fund anybody who's sitting there with their arms. Folded haram thing. Looking like they suck on five. Lemons that's on that not having some Democrats refused to attend Stacey Abrams who lost a close race for Georgia. Governor will deliver the democratic response a state trooper gunned down in Virginia. Fox's Tanya j powers has more lives. Happen. Cumberland county about fifty miles west of Richmond, the Virginia state police tactical team was helping the Piedmont regional drug and gang task force service. Search warrant late yesterday. Connie Geller with Virginia state police says that's when someone inside the home started firing shots troopers that was members of the tactical team was shot trooper Lucas be Dowell a native Virginian died at the hospital. The shooter inside the home was also shot and killed tiny. Ralph Northam remains Virginia's governor despite an outcry from fellow Democrats over a racist photo from nineteen Eighty-four school yearbook. If he resigns Justin Fairfax will take over, but he's dealing with a sexual assault allegations from two thousand four he denies does..

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