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The men and women in this country. Laura ingram. They're going to get a straight shooter no-holds-barred. I'm not gonna cut people slack. Fox's the one place for dissent is allowed. We have voices. We won't be silent controls my voice. Nobody wants news channel real news. Real honest. Opinion, a New York woman's the latest American tourists to die in the Dominican Republic. Leyla Cox was on vacation, they're starting June fifth. Staten Island advance reports the fifty three year old woman was found dead of a heart attack in her hotel room in April, the brother of real estate maven, Barbara Corcoran, was found dead in the DR no information to show that this fits the pattern of someone at a resort drinking from the mini bar getting violently ill. And then suddenly dying, but with this story, and as grows and gets attention, it is clear, that any family who lost someone in the Dominican Republic suddenly from the past year on is really trying to re examine the results of that debt in detail. Steve Harrigan incentive to Mingo a second suspects convicted for his part in the Benghazi. Terror attack, and Libya federal jury found Mustafa all Iman guilty on two accounts and his parts for the attack on the US diplomatic mission, and a nearby CA post that killed four Americans including. The US ambassador in the big push to eliminate single use plastic bags. One supermarket comes up with quite the strategy embarrassed. The customers the east west market in Vancouver, British Columbia has redesigned their plastic bag complete with large fund with things. You might not want to get caught holding the bag says into the weird adult video emporium like it just got outta there. Another one has a logo for Dr toes, wart wholesale. Sure. These are just plastic grocery bags, but Vancouver actually has a requirement for businesses to have a single use item reduction strategy, this place going with fake logos that may cause real shame all in the name of saving the environment..

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