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Hi, welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, having more fun than me human being should be allowed to have. Yes. It's true. Yes. It's true. Now. When I asked the question, what was it? What was this throw broke the camel's back to shut down to win? Let me ask you some questions as ice. Hint at you the answer. Have you noticed today? Did you notice on Sunday? Did you even notice on Saturday? There are no delays at LaGuardia. There are no delays at JFK. There are no delays at Newark. There are no delays at Reagan national. There are no delays at LAX air. No delays at Chicago O'Hare, except maybe if everything's frozen. No delays anywhere. Have you noticed that the IRS has said it's gonna take them. However a year to rebound from this thirty day shutdown, and it may mean a longer delay in you getting your refund and they said that before the shutdown. Yeah. They said there's this goes on setting us back and our time to recover from this is getting longer and longer. Now, they're saying it may take them a year. But LA Guardia as say New York like water. Reagan national JFK Newark. Everything's on time. I it's normal. Have you noticed that all of the soup lines for federal employees are shut down? Let me free fluids free food. Why shut down the soup lines? Did you notice? There were no stories of soup lines on Saturday. No stories of soup lines on Sunday is certainly no stories supplies today. We haven't had any stories of even though the government is reopened. The president is remaining an obstacle here by refusing design whatever they want to report about the president not being cooperative with federal you haven't seen any of that. Right. Have you noticed that nobody needs a low? No, federal employees needs to call Wilbur Ross to borrow money. Have you noticed that all of the suffering all of the misery? All of the disastrous results from thirty days of the government shutdown is gone. There are no lingering after effects all of the suffering and all of the delays and all of the hunger. Those government checks. Sure must clear fast. Right. The back pay of the missing check. And then the second check why they must've cleared on Saturday. Noticed that the coast guard is up patrolling the coast. Notice. How fast all except that the I R S? There seems to be a problem there. So. Yes. Yes. Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying a bunch of artificial. Made for TV suffering and some legitimate. I'm not going to work. I hate Trump. Various employees gave the news media everything they needed here is Kenny in Boston. Great to have your Kennedy graduated. How're you doing? Throw my life to speak to you. Russia still Donahue. And as the caller there is the caller there. You're there, right. The collar is here, sir. Over the last several weeks. I've been listening to those media sound bite montages of how Rush Limbaugh was the nuked puppet. Master for Trump. You know, pulling his strings as it were. But I'm thoroughly confused because for more than two years now, we've all been told that it was Ladimir Putin. He was supposed to be the trusted Trump's puppet master. So my question is hot felt is how you able to wrestle that authority and power away from such a world leader who says that we're not working together. That could very well. Be true. Maybe maybe it's alternated. They're all shaking their heads. And a dog say this. They're going to report that you said that you admitted you're working with Putin. Don't do it. My staff on the other side of the glass. That's a great question. And again, you have taken me back to something that happened on Friday Kenny that I need to plan. But I'm glad you did this. I'm glad you reminded me of something the indictment of Roger stone. Oh in this is another bit of misreporting going. The media is reporting that stone says he's not willing to talk to molar. That's not what stone is said stone has said he's not going to turn states evidence against Trump. Stone is maintaining what he maintained in his press conference there on the courthouse steps on whatever day. It was folks the indictment of Roger stone proves that they have known at the Muller team and at the FBI and the DOJ for over. A year that there has been no Russian Trump collusion. The indictment proves it. All about this WikiLeaks stuff. We don't need this indictment to know. We know that there wasn't any collusion. And we know that they've known it. That's what makes this so outrageous to me. But a good question. How did I get in front of Putin in pulling Trump's strings as a puppet magical continue on the network?.

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