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Is a category five. Anyone is the chairman of the bahamas air nc rescue association and grand bahama island certain sections certain in certain keys have actually been all but just wiped off the map and so you're doing doing this on grand bahama island where you are. How are you rescuing them. Where are you taking them to. They have family members and there's other shelters of which you pick them up and take him to virtually just the closest pacing back for the next person and <hes> try to get as many count on the bus and go from there. It's really started at about three twenty this phone and take our first phone call and it just escalated after that call after call those it was facebook messages in what's absent that like that's actually on call when you call me back five minutes ago and i was actually on another work another rescue call right then and if there's somebody on their way out out to rescue those people is message we can <hes> we're unfortunately we put them on kind of in <hes> the number that order that you call all but at the same time if we have x. amount of people in one general area that obviously gonna grab all of them. I are while we were there. I just while we're while in that area everybody a big grab any what about your friends and family. Have you heard from them. We've been so busy <hes> helping other people here suport grand bahama. I'm from my <hes>. I have a daughter who's in twelve year old daughter in green turtle cay. I've not heard from sincere yesterday and i have a sister mr in hope town and other sister in wash harbor and nephew and hope town who i understand they've lost their homes than i have not heard from them since early yesterday morning. Either i'm just going with the pretense that everything's okay and we haven't god's hands and they're going to be fine and we're gonna continue. Helping people be swamp. Area country is especially nabokov. Freeport of something was wrong. We would have known i would like to keep that attitude to keep a positive attitude attitude but yes i do have moments where breakdown and and <hes> stink about my daughter and my family and your daughter and family are are in other parts of grand bahama island now my daughter's accident abraco <hes> and on a little outer key call green turtle cay. That's what's terminate apart so much much because i know the damage that was done over there. The islands are really stretched across a large area. It must be very difficult to know how everybody's doing. <hes> with the communication down you might get lucky with somebody with what might outs data under phone are might pick up a single bars somewhere somehow or a satphone other other than that. It's just it's really really ready. That's really downright by the whole entire alco your lifelong resident of the bahamas you've seen and lived through a lot the hurricanes what's different about this one the power in the just the the fierce brute force that it brought it was started off compaq and then all of sudden just became a group. It was very fierce. Fierce hurricane don't know how to explain it. Just the likes of which i've never seen anyone is the chairman of the bahamas air rescue see association and grand bahama island and he thinks much. I'm wishing you and the rest of the of the people of bahamas safety. Thanks so much fight for freedom stand for hong kong. Those are the words of protesters. There thousands blocked a busy downtown avenue. They shut down the airport. In both places protests were destructive. Activists ripped up metal grating smashed glass and tore up street signs. The conflict in hong kong has escalated did far beyond the initial protests that began in the spring protesters were originally opposing a bill that would have allowed beijing to extradite people facing charges in hong kong back act two courts in china. Now the protests have evolved into a wider movement pushing for more democratic freedoms. The world's patrick win is in hong kong. He tells us that what's happening..

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