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It did shoot down the Ukrainian jetliner earlier this week that crashed killing the one hundred seventy six people on it but they say they didn't realize it was a passenger plane correspondent Fred play again this is Craig airlines plane took off and the Ronnie and say that it made a turn towards what they call a sensitive revolutionary guard that's the most elite unit of Iran's military towards that basically said at some point it was at a flight level so at an altitude and of flying in a direction that it was mistaken for a cruise missile and that's in effect why it was mistakenly shot down it happened hours after Ron launched a ballistic missile attack on two US military bases as pay back for the US killing its top general new this hour more tragedy importer Rico a magnitude six point no quake hit off the island this morning according to the U. S. Geological Survey it cause more damage on the southern coast which had already been hit hard by recent earthquakes including a magnitude six point four quake Tuesday most of southern Porter Rico was without power as of now there are no reports of injuries fourteen years after a twenty year old man was found stabbed in a vehicle nor near laurel city hall the man who did it is imprisoned yesterday Michel Duval was sentenced to thirty years behind bars for stabbing Brian Moses the victim was found semi conscious in a car after it crashed on west street in September of two thousand five he'd been stabbed he was taken to prince George's hospital where he died about a month later the case went cold for years but was then re opened in twenty sixteen after a key witness came forward prosecutors said a trial the Duval killed Moses because he sold them fake drugs up next traffic and weather will.

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