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Let's go to bed raving all right, John. As we head into the new year, the Wizards still in search of that elusive first win of the season, where you seconds left, and that's it, That's it. The Wizards will open the season old and five after the Bulls. Take both in Washington. 1 33 1 30 the final on New Year's Eve Dave Johnson with the final call on 1500 A M. Chicago ends the game on a 15 7 run former wizard Otto Porter Jr. A team high 28 points in the Bulls win for the Wizards rule He had tomorrow with 17 points in 25 minutes in his season debut, but Scott Brooks club now Oh, in five for the first time in eight years, so confident in our group, there's a lot of season left. We still got 67 games, but we you know we're not happy. I'm upset with myself because I know you know, if we would have had a couple of better moments and all these games, we could be easily have a couple of more wins. Now. Quick turnaround. Wizards try to bounce back tonight in Minnesota Elsewhere for the first time in more than two years, John Wall back on the floor while with 22 points and nine assists in his Houston Rockets debut as Houston earned the win over Sacramento on campus. Maryland drops to one and three and big 10 play Terrapins fall at home to number 16 Michigan 84 73 the final Michigan A to know on the year three, you know in the conference, college football if Or game. New Year's Day Bowl schedule kicks off At noon, The Chick fil A Bowl number eight. Cincinnati, taking on ninth ranked Georgia and then the national semifinals later today, Alabama and Notre Dame eat at four o'clock in the Rose Bowl. Rose Bowl moved from Southern California to 18 T Stadium in Texas due to the pandemic about 16,000 fans expected to attend, and also tonight, Clemson and Ohio State meeting in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. And Ray b w T o p Sports still ahead, the terms many would like to see Go away in 2021. It's 8 47 warm in home care is providing happiness at home to families throughout the D. C. Metro area, like Linda Brennan needed care for her mother. My family and I have worked with warm and home care twice in the last two years, first with my father, and earlier this year with my mother when Mormon staff first arrived, help care for my father. It was an immediate relief and gave.

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