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Need your Bhakta? Get your back for you like. This was a bone for the ladies again. Rick Devon's rubbed down. He was like you want me to get your back. You like he's like. Yup. Roll. Like this is heaven winning the mud on war dog. I respect the ladies for also for. There you go. Okay. What else from Twitter? All right at tar. Bolts quest says why do you think both returning women got voted out with their idols in pockets still was it bad luck hubris or did the edge of extinction? Give them a subconscious subconscious mental safety net of not really being out of the game. Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you have any thoughts on Aubrey and Kelly getting blindsided with the idol? It's it's so messed up that like we had two female players by an idols and neither one of us refine idols at all, but to have gone home with them. Yeah. Well, I guess I don't. You know, it's such a hard thing to no one to play your idol. I think especially when someone like Kelly who has every tribal she probably thinks I'm going to be voted out and just gotten so good at finding the idols to. I don't know why she was so conservative with these idle place. Yeah. I mean, I said this for years on the podcast. I I would rather play it at the wrong. Yeah. Yes. And and and make that mistake, then go home with it. Yeah. You I mean, you know, and look like like David played his got it wrong. I've went home the next episode. Guess what? That's still one more episode. You got on you know, like, yeah. Yeah. You don't want to get it. It's not necessarily the play to win move where you know, you're swinging for the fences. But I mean Kelly so good at finding the idols. She knows Lauren has an idol too. So he's still going to get there. It's like if she played her idol and was wrong. And then the next. Vote. Like, I know it's going to be me. Lauren play your idol on me. I think she would have done it. Yes. I think Lauren definitely would have done it. And I really think that Kelly was skating on thin ice a couple of times in this post merge where the vote Joe went home. It was they were blindsided on that vote. They could've bid by the grace of Ron switching the vote to Joe Kelley could have been the first person voted out at the merge with an idol in her pocket. So she was, you know, very fast and loose with a or she should have been more fast and loose with playing her idol and she was living dangerously..

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