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Do you sort of have principle that stands out to you from all of your parents at all I suppose the Real K. Aspect is definitely from because dad that was in the regime wall when he was he's he's still got a bit of Patriots Day which is sort of suffered all his life and I suppose that sort of fed more into his social approach to loft but I think also banging the army and between the two of them also migrating to a country with two kids in Normandy Definitely get strong work ethic from Biathlon Dad Bank from the Bank of very rotating. Ause they make you in the very regimented. He's just he's never missed a diabetic. And he's lost and he's still into his mid mid sixties now works out of a choice than anything else because he just lost that routine and what does he. What does he difficult? He's a printout good. We spoke about these. These only first mechanism wildlands printer does sort of like industrial scale printing. Yes he's so. That was something that hey had any skills when he moved to Australia about it was again when you need a job quickly I think one of these Elliott was actually filled easing chill straight Sandringham which then bent down champion. So yeah he's he's a bit of an old school print which is a learn auden sort of skills have been growing up in printing very separate sites sort of our Ronnie that on in print media a little bit now on this grinding man died with parental tonight. But will you said before about your mum and that caring aspect was she. Did she have any jobs over the years while you're a kid? She not not necessarily Fulltime work all corporate or anything like that but she was on kindergarten committees and she did any sort of jobs to make ends meet like earning babysitting and things like that so and obviously looking after four kids. That's a huge job Yeah like Chevy's out a strong work ethic in Rod and then Dodd complementing. Not You know as I said never missed the DYE worker. He's law and just like he's one of those guys just get on with it top of mentality so which you know from spos- The care social aspect is and probably always The mice useful So then have mom's experience to complement the two. I had a pretty good upbringing from both of them. I was thinking because the reason I ask is thinking like. Why did Sean Get into journalism? I know you studied cost Journalism Nash. She graduated in twenty third. Amy Work to win. The new moves to Southbank News. I like how many marry that up. Why was that the field that you found yourself in thinking again having parents who immigrants so we've always had always lived in the by. Saad bobble and that sort of way that I landed when they came to Australia We've always had that sort of international outlook in sort of caring about broader issues. And moms it's a shining. Mom actually didn't end up working professionally. She would be a very good prominent. I you know like she's slowing guys in politics and rates the newspapers every Di Dia Radio DOT is. Well you know any spare time will listen to the news so I think as a halfway house hall between May Masseuses. We were always talking about Topical issues say exactly so then I suppose going into you twelve when all year eleven. By when you sort of thinking about the subjects you. WanNa study I in. Our numbers was never for me. It's always chides sort of mall. Socially skewed subjects lock politics sociology legal literature English. Obviously all is very good at applied to my strengths opposing. Then yeah come deciding what you WANNA do at university which is never an easy choice for a young person. You still figuring out who. You are Those journalism course that was offered at Monash Coalfield at the time and to be brutally honest. Maud sister just above my maker. Shay was studying at Monash Coalfield at the time and didn't have drivers Lawson's but we live near Chelsea. Which is about seven stations from the Caulfield? Stop and you can get an express service there so I bring a practical person. I was like well coal from Stan. The ride my sisters their and their officer offering this new journalism degree in journalism kind of saves apply to a lot of my strengths like English. Issues and softball. Let's give crack do because I look at how I got into this because I remember for years mild was like what you don't WanNa get into printing where you don't get into one. Are you want to be an accountant or something like that? I enjoyed numbers in the sense of marrying it up. I've never enjoyed the technicality of numbers. Which is what my brother was very good Eddie and upsetting maths yet at Uni and for me. I've realized as time went on the element of that industry that I'm gravity gravitated towards things that involved storytelling and for me. Like if I think back to it the the biggest thing for me was probably like yourself. You're sitting at the dinner table when it starts was sport and end in like policy on infrastructure like some heated debate all be telling his story this twentieth paper sitting around with or if it's just like an ordinary night where debating. What's actually in the paper? Do you have sort of seminal moments? But D- have memories like that that makes you think that's why I sort of gravitated towards. I think it's just having been curiosity for lots of different things I suppose. That's just how will all particularly feel like all exposed to that way of thinking a lot with just purely by nicer of the things that you do talk at the dinner table with your parents or amongst friends. So you know you gravitate towards during school Yeah the the curiosity us. The curiosity factor. Just beg interested in all of the different staffan exploring. Different topics was something that fed where I ended up from the storytelling aspect. I suppose that that definitely kind wants I did get into journalism and more professionally so often Clark when you're studying journalism degree diner many local news if you listen to the Daily News. It's all about what's the big issues in today's. Today's pipe Tobago unexposed to local news. And then what constitutes a story that makes it into a local? Pipo or on Windy. They regionally you know like it was all of a sudden you having to recalibrate you'll thinking from The headline what's the headline issue affecting people to This this lady down the riders. Just you're safe a award for doing something fantastic unified and so it tends into like a profile pace and the storytelling opens up. And then you go back I will. There's more news than just what is wrong with the world. There's actually some really good stuff. You can tell impactful stories. Yeah well I feel like you hit a point with with a lot of TV media these days or nine hundred media that it is more like a PR exercise or it's run efficiently like a PR organization as opposed to a news organization. That's just unfortunately the nature of what the industry has become the next reading umbrella. The other Diane sold it of course. Seven West media still is like hammer during hemorrhaging massive amounts of money and I think that people have realized that in love the new media brands of ones that tell really interesting stories and then have to be a way to be positive but they are stories. Because that's what we want like if I look at. Let's let's take the corona viruses as an example. How am I keeping up to date with that? Well I've actually been following people who are former. Who SPECIALISTS OR EPIDEMIOLOGISTS? Or whatever that had their own youtube channels in all of a sudden side of reporting on this. Because if you all get a snippet of channel nine news and it's like it's just like a headlines. Cystic doesn't tell me anything. And it's always stock not stock footage bit like they've taken three grabs of this place and that's that's it. They're just focused on the numbers. You know like how many pepple contracted that dial. How many papers does that dia where it spread to? Yeah so rather than sort of the broader discussion around Do tend to hear more on the locks of the IB bit more analytical. Where you know. They're talking to that fantastic institute. Ray created the virus for example. And then it's like okay. What's the next steps to cantering this? I'll you you. You sort of fading paper with positive reinforcement rather than united. What's wrong all the time? And the papal. I think people chewing off from news when I just a so much negativity yet. Almost one was skype. It as much as that's sort of probably the wrong reaction. You blind people all the time when you turn on the news and it's just like chases miserable well when. I go to my parents for dinner like once once a month or every few weeks on a Sunday. Mom who have the news on? But it's just like background noise. It's not the not captive. The watching it like in the day need wardlaw watch like the day tout. Spf News and stuff like that. We get quite into it. I guess I'm curious why you're win. Then you went to South Bank like doing the news as an editor there. What was the what was your mindset like at the time because? I know that you're working there but you're doing your masters in International Development's educating African Vein rant forbid now you're you're doing this master's which shows the thing about this is GonNa be my long term life this I'm going to do but then obviously the opportunity came to take over was won't become hyper. Local news run me through like your your mindset at the time but we thinking supposed to be brutally honest. I'm I'm probably never I've never been in the past. And that sort of has five or ten Year Plan. Come pretty instinctive a lot to do. What makes me happy in what I'm interested in a spouse? Educating Africa was bowl and instinctively from a bank todd of journalism grafter fees and wanting to take a break away from it but not wanting to lock the classic gap year and having the African connection and always Join me join me back there so I wa- volunteering for six months and In canton opportunity where I could do more so than educating Africa started when all still at Uni and then I thought you know that that author as far as sort of rape charge my battery so to speak. I went back for my third year. And all his juvenile. You know.

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