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And so many ways because in every green jacket, it tells a story. For the longest period of time. You know, a guy like Sergio Garcia was one of these dudes who, you know, just couldn't win a major. His green jacket tells a story Maura than just him winning that tournament. And I think that is very much a part of why we're drawn to this particular tournament is, you know it is exclusive to get in. It is exclusive to get tickets. It is Exclusive and winning the green jacket. I know for some people when I just said, might make you uncomfortable. For some people. What I just said, might be the well, That's the reason that I don't watch it. If we're going to compare this to society, then They're gonna be some of you that are going to be totally uncomfortable with this conversation. If we just get into the masters in terms of what it means in the world of sports and what it means in the world of golf. I think other than the Ryder Cup, which comes along every couple of years. This is by far the signature event in the world of golf. It's the one that draws in the most eyeballs. And I mean in terms of television ratings. People checking it out on the Internet people following it on Social media. Like my wife is a good sports fan. But it is not much more in a NASCAR than golf, and normally one golf is on. It's normally one golf is on it is because, like one of my boys are watching it. Because they're both big golfers, and they do like to watch golf on television. Even my wife will pay attention to the Masters. Mm. That those grounds Are pretty awesome. Apparently, they built another tunnel. Under the roadway that runs adjacent to the entrance of the golf course down there in Augusta, Georgia, so that you know these big I guess 18 Wheeler trucks. Have the ability to get on their grounds, and you really wouldn't even know it. I've never seen the actual layout of the Masters, but But I've heard all these amazing things about it. And just how the golf course is in amazing shape. For me is a golfer and a golf fan. It would be the bucket list course I think if you're an amateur golfer They're two courses on everybody's bucket list. If you can find a way to get there, one would be Pebble Beach. But that's a public course. You just got to pay the freight to get on there and the other one. You better know somebody who's pretty connected. And that is played Augusta National. But the Masters has a different feel to it now. Unfortunately, over the past couple of years you've had some, you know, final round Sundays that weren't very anti climactic, and today was kind of one of them. Hideki Matsuyama wins the tournament. Um, I think decent odds going in wasn't the favorite wasn't one of the giant favorites going into the tournament. What a guy the golf fans know. And I do believe he was high. Amador once and now 29 years old. He is a Masters champion. How many of you that just identifies normal sports fans. How many of you that are just a rank and file sports fan where you're aware of golf? Maybe you're aware of Tiger Woods. Or maybe you're aware when Maybe you're aware when the When the majors hit. This one always means something. I know. We just had one in November because of Cove it and now you turn around and you have another masters that quickly. For some people, maybe like at turnarounds too quick. It wasn't for me at all. But I ask you. What is it about the masters that would that hooks you in? Because as a golf course and the golf tournament if you're the winner of the Masters I mean, that's one of those, you'll be able to go toe like autograph signings forever, and you're in that club. You're in that exclusive club in terms of winning that event. 855 to 1 to four. CBS. You can also get me on Twitter at the real grass. GREs h. Always an easy way to interact with show if you can't grab a line, Bob in Harrisburg on the Masters on the grass show on CBS Sports Radio, Bob what's up? Another body was going on. How are you, friend? I'm good. What do you have tonight? I was down there this week. Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Okay, that SSM a zing. It is one of its probably the nicest I play. A lot of golf is probably the nicest place I ever seen in my life. That's what I've heard. Bob is that like its manicured It's beautiful and apparently You know, like the members on Lee get a couple of rounds every year like it's not like the normal country club down the street where everybody's playing there all the time, and I guess that's part of the reason why they're able to keep that course in such amazing condition. Yeah, they was talking. Actually, the members will walk around and say hi to you and ask you how your experiences going there. Very, very polite. Very nice, but they closed down in June. And they reconstruct everything and open back up in October. You know, Bob, it's crazy. I've heard down there at the Masters that Like there's no temporary tents that I guess or set up like whatever meaning that if they have a building built right, it'll be toe maybe sell merch during the Masters. That Maybe that building only gets years. You know, a couple days out of the year, but they use it very specifically so that they're they're not like setting up tents or anything temporary. That would make the grounds look. Less pristine than they are. That's pretty nuts, and you think about it. Let's go to Fred in Charlotte, talking masters on the grass show on CBS Sports Radio. Hello, Fred. Hey,.

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