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So it's it's really nation of architecture. With all the other aspects of the i would say Minardi dick myself in the The our office dos Baton like yesterday designed buildings but that's not the primary goal the accident designing experience and building is one means to get there so I thought is like what's experienced. Do we want to create and what building would be suitable to deliver that message anyway. Yeah now that that's a good bridge for for you to give some Inside of studio pushed architects. And how you stand out to other firms and also put values and design philosophy. So interesting to hear what you have to say as you're part of the one of the partners and also one of the founders of the firm. Yeah yes oh studio push sorry. So in our office. Space in helsinki finland v operate globally We did we specialize in hostilities sahal whole dells resorts. Retreats spa And some private housing as well We designed it from both demoss planned. The argued that she ended interior design. So we do it all the way. And then we work with An autism the industry to also die in marketing for example or food experience or Light in its address. i'll be work On the full set of challenges talking about daddy how does it start them in when you either are contacting a developer. Or you're being contacted. We're what what is the discussion starting from. And how does it develop to that. You're starting to sketch out the feel and what you want to create for them. It's it's it's it's a good question. I'm actually in hospitality. There are several arcus that could be our client would. Oh i own contact Of course the property developers are thinking of Creating a wholesale Unknown we also contacted by operators of we have for simples long term relationships. It's been some of major operators purview. Innovate careful to produce one of them is in the a. The del operator in another one is horrible. Writer can also be that it's Somebody who really starts the first hotel project and then it might be an operator slash owner on sunday. Really i also like Really different types of flights and of course requirements as fell and We are dare to extend in a great business with them. So we are listening carefully to what the client's especially for non see how our expertise can build on their expertise and and really creates a new business but also this is preferred to apply. What do you see this hall. are you standing out. I mean they are Finland is famous for of architecture firms and great architects and also internationally some fantastic architects around the world. But where do you see yourself. How do you stand out. The developer has a choice of List of which all better than the other one but word. You see your differentiating point to two who when the developer has.

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