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The radio good morning good morning happy Tuesday seven thirty on a nice heavy and I love being with you you know that I will be with you you're watching you you were you to be more face booking with Frank moron owing algo totaling enters the polling all morning with the beagle he me hate her saying is the Republican candidate for United States Senate in New Jersey he was supposed to be here live because we are doing a video feed right and if we were downtown New York and it's very tough to get downtown New York the traffic is just please I don't saving about under this administration but under this administration traffic in the by the ball so Hirsch's calling from around the corner our job so sorry bad that you couldn't get in get around but thank you for calling in and thanks for coming into New York your morning Joe and you know if you ask me this is a the most salient way to show that we have a big big infrastructure transportation problem I was really taking screen shots to go point three miles outside the Hudson tunnel so close to a half hour and that doesn't make any sense yeah when your so close but it's like do I take the train do I walk it's all the same problem because the state is not investing in our infrastructure and that's actually the number one reason why I'm running for US Senate the president whether you like it or not once you invest in America's infrastructure with that twenty twenty infrastructure built and it what's going on here is that we have cues senator of New Jersey would seem more interested in just resisting the president then try to do what's in the best interest of the people of both New Jersey and New York I mean one out of five dollars that is a part of our GDP our gross domestic product passes through this Northeast Corridor on a daily basis yet for some odd reason no one thinks it makes sense to actually spend the money so we can get the gateway tunnel so that we can actually improve these road and strange it's just I'm I'm I'm literally passing your your office right now you know why this is so cool what you talking about because I go through this every single day it's the most frustrating thing the world and the progressives socialists don't care they don't care they're more concerned about taking on the president by the way him a long time friend of Cory our our our audience knows that longtime friend Cory Booker and just about the greatest amount of respect and affection for him because I've known for so long but you're absolutely right I mean no one is doing anything for us man the tax structure it's all about sometimes we feel that we are so forgotten in the state in New Jersey man and I know I think I speak for new Yorkers to hers that would just forgotten that no one cares I think because they maybe have the the politicians all the perks of the politicians the political perks they get from pension and welfare to a driver to an assistant you know and and they don't understand what we're going to what you're going through in traffic like that I deal with every single day and made the blouse you could care less so we don't really start on this like I guess putting you in office are saying that may take a shot right what what you know I mean you have to understand I went to the New Jersey institute of technology in Newark New Jersey very impressive young man very breadth of yeah well what what I mean is that I was there when Cory Booker became mayor and he became mayor by saying a lot of things that made sense things like school choice what's the best best interest of the people in the population at large and that was why he was able to win as mayor of Newark but you know since then because he wants one for president it seems you kind of took all those aspects and and kind of have joined what I deem the that this new radicalize Democrat party which is just all about the things that matter on American it's socialism is it's bringing on communism they're they're just giving up on all the things that made America great yeah and a little bit of my background the last twelve years I've been in the federal government contracting space I worked with NASA the federal aviation ministration U. S. army specifically in areas of missile defense satellite navigation aviation safety and security I mean I have seen first hand what is good bad and ugly in government it is my responsibility was to make sure America was number one in the world yeah they they got I think they go off so I I I I just was trying to say that that this is something that's real you know it's so funny because I don't want to make sure your dentures right yeah yeah this problem here yeah that you may wanna hang there because the signals going in and out but you know I'm glad you call man because you don't know what you're going through all of us go through every single day and the people of the local through it I mean I'm talking about traffic I mean talk about phone service not working I tell you about the service the yeah everything's going down man you don't I mean and you get all you're trying to do is come to a radio station to drive in as the hardest thing to do Hey speaking of drive in New Jersey is considering drivers licenses for illegal aliens what do you think about that her saying I mean think about it my parents came here legally from India they came here they started that they went to the paperwork and the process and they were very proud when they got their American citizenship and and I just think it's really unfair every immigrant everyone who's come here the right way to to now see individuals that have not followed the process that it up all the rules and now they're getting the same rights as American citizens and you know in New Jersey they just passed in the Senate they they passed it in the family as well to try to sneak it by if they had actually had this book before November fifth I guarantee you not only you know what we did on the rim of it does he beat them in every battle grounds rates in the state taking more than just one state Senate seat and and two assembly seats and they knew that that's why they're trying to pass it quickly and in this this lame duck period to try and minimize the damage but you know what we're not gonna let anyone forget you know going into twenty twenty the president's message was that we do not want you legal immigration we love illegal immigration but people that are coming here that are breaking the rules breaking the laws it just doesn't make any sense and you know the backbone of the Democrat wins in New Jersey state wide or otherwise have been because they convince the immigrant community they are the party for that but you know they might have been successful in the past the point Republicans they owe their races but that is completely untrue I was with a group of hotel owners last night mostly Indian American Asian American the majority of that even those that have always voted Democrat are saying we're gonna come out Republicans we're really proud of what he's doing to the economy yeah and we are really excited about actually trying to help what he's done for the rest of the country to come to places like New Jersey and New York I love that there's a there's a candidate for the units the United States Senate in the great state of New Jersey saying nice things about president trump her **** together if you park if you get a chance to buy some of you go down tames a right down that you can kind of keep your car there but you believe is that you come up and say hi I would love to see it a great conversation about saying and we appreciate you taking the time to good luck and I wish that I wish I could send your car from the stage of a is not in the budget brother what what am I going to actually the once we got off the phone I'm gonna you know hop right so I really appreciate it and everyone is listening if you have your trade didn't you work today yeah first thing dot com the guy was going to make our infrastructure great again the man her saying thank you brother great chat great he's a good guy seven thirty A. with Joe on the radio is going to be galliard has the headline news and all the weather for you please please be careful on the road it we joke we kid but it is a mess out there please be careful has got the headline news right here on the inmate seventy the answer this is a a nine seven the answer thirty five degrees at seven thirty nine and it is raining in New York City amounted to low with local news first here's what's going on the firefighter father of an injured queens girls demanding justice every angrily confronted the man accused of causing the incident that left her heard Omar Wilkes worked for the FDNY with engine to ninety four in Richmond hill had to be escorted out of court yesterday laughter screaming a twenty three year old suspect Kevin Rommedahl it was back on December sixteen Rahmatullah allegedly screamed I'm coming for you at fourteen year old tomorrow Wilkes causing her to run into the street in the structure was left with serious injuries to both her leg and rest the other Wilkes told reporters he was tempted to leave over the table and read from a tall but says out of respect for the court he restrained himself a tradition.

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