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Just Recode something on your phone and Email it with a translation to info at Tremaine, ex dot com will use the best ones. And that's the end of the show. Thanks to Debra meeting for being a special guest where we see you with people's vote demo on the twentieth you will absolutely same the village. In fact, I'm speaking excellent. Will you about say, for these reasons? I'm not out. Yeah. Thanks for coming in listeners. Don't forget. You can get every episode of Romania a day earlier. If you back on the patron crowd funding platform plus small t shirts mugs and a weekly column by one of our panelists, which reminds me go to write this week. Just patchy and remain Romania to find out more. Thanks to in Alex producer, safey. We'll see you next time. Now his team team demon is a monster by Kuna shop and a salute to our latest patriot and Backus. Goodbye. Thanks for me to Tom monk. Robinson, Eddie mills, Richard Chapman, Tim Fennelly, and Danny possibly the champion of the world. Thanks for me running in Erica, rebel, curry, all of shepherd, Mark Adamson Adam, Jackson, and James netted. And from me to Matt Scott? Yes, Matt Scott mock Howson net material. Roseanne Stewart, Sam, Acklin and Stuart Taylor. Thanks Pepa hooking up with Debra many. Thanks. We'll see you next week. Remaining axes prevented by ROY Taylor with Ian Dunton, entree production with by me, people remain is most destruction. Did you hear the news metro PCS is now metro by t mobile. Now you get new plans with unlimited high-speed data all month long. All on the t. mobile network, check out the new metro by t mobile today and discover the smarter way to get unlimited metro by t mobile. That's genius during congestion. The fraction of customers using greater than thirty bucks per month may notice reduce speeds and metro customers may notice recedes vs on t. mobile customers, video streams at forty p coverage, not available in some areas, see store for details and terms and conditions..

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