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And commitment to transparency and communication to allow investors to fully understand what they own and why bringing them to clarity in their investments. And now your co host manpower and and mark pearson. Hello and welcome to another with clarity. Podcast with mark pearson. Now we are doing part two part of the predictions. The i went french there. Did you notice that you probably know that we mizzou trilingual or whatever that means so anyway so We're going to dive into the next set of predictions now. I don't know if you guys remember this but we done predictions every single gier in. This is the first time. If i'm not mistaken mister pearson. That we're actually doing twenty because we only we attend last time. And you're like. I'm just going to up the ante here a little bit and get another ten the roaring twenty twenty s and so if roaring twenty twenties right or the as the shorter the twenties. Why not do twenty predictions instead all right. Well we're on number eleven. bring it on. Brother are two number eleven. hopefully we should probably tell people. If they haven't listened to the i ten. They should go. Listen i ten right well. I think we'll probably do from our side is we'll make sure that's in the show notes Said that people can go back and listen to the first one so yeah. We're going to get what we pay you. The big bucks. No i know that's why you're easing Number eleven investors will continue to sell perfectly good companies as a matter of fact. Exactly what's going on today. At the first signs of volatility due to lack of knowledge in conviction in their portfolio holdings another tragedy of short-term thinkers. It's an important one emotions drive bad decisions. Yeah we're holy moses. Are we seeing it. When we're recording this The beginning of march here. Everybody where we're really seeing some really ridiculous behavior Jar in the streets. What's going on. Well i you know as i people like to think that it's A super philosophical deep kind of answer. It's really not it's If everything can't go straight up. Sorry to be so i know. That's so rhetorical. So you're absolutely correct. And i think that that is a prediction that will last for years to come. That people are gonna make ridiculous. Ridiculous moves right. What's number twelve. Investors will continue to limit their potential to be successful by failing to leverage the power of flexibility of strategic cost. Averaging member strategically continuing invested in the business over time friend of mine sent me a text. The other day he was reading about strategic cost averaging he said should win the nobel prize in economics for strategic cost. Averaging and i said that may be the worst thing i've ever heard in my life because smart people get the nobel prize strategic average is just common sense. I mean it's just saying okay. I love this company. Bought it for ten. it's now eight. I still love the company. It's still a great company and by more than eight. I don't think that's nobel prize winning theory but it is important for investors to understand that volatility does create the opportunity to buy more of a great business on sale right and it lowers your cost basis in some situations. That's good and it just gives you an opportunity to really once again. Stick to your knitting and pay attention to only great businesses right and you do it in your 401k..

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