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A bit of a mixed bag in terms of who was on the field. We saw like a tiny. Bit of xavier mckinney. We saw a tiny bit of thorny homes and maybe that was just based on who was available and depth. They just needed to line. Those guys up for a little bit. That just wanted to get them to the younger guys on this defense. But if we're talking about some top performers some guys that really shine in some spots where they kind of needed to if they wanted to fight to make it and stay on this roster. I one oceans immunised made a lot of good plays. I don't necessarily you can say that. He earned himself roster spot in this game. But i think zimmerman is starting to prove that. Hey when this guy is healthy he can be disruptive and he can be a one of the better rotational pass rushers on this roster yet the keyword there is pass rusher and he definitely impressed yet. Five pressures in the game had that one sack on the first drive. Speaking of that i drive. Which is amazing by kevin's too fancy. That's how you really call plays off of each other and just absolutely manipulated. The second team giants defense. It seemed like but up on that same drive. Oceans administers was tasked to be the Contained defender on the outside. And he just kinda got washed. On line of scrimmage ended up on the grounds. That's still a concern for me or administers ability to hold up against the ron. Which is a vital part of what patrick graham wants to do so. I think he definitely did. Good things on tape terms of rushing the passer. We saw a couple of different times in this game but he still needs to be better against the run right now. I would almost look at oceans as maybe that nickel pass rusher guide giant. Bring on. when they're in a four to five type alignment just to me. He looked a bit more comfortable as a hand in dirt defensive end. He moved well enough as a standup pass. Rusher but I thought his just leverage quickness off the ball was a little bit better with his hand in the dirt or kind of fake dirt like substance. Whatever they use in cleveland and yet you talk about the contain and just the the way. The browns moved the ball especially on that first series are say the first two series and joan. I talked about it in our quick reaction podcast last night. The giants need to work on their tackling. This is been two games in a row where there have just been way. Too many tackles too. Many arm tackles too many attempts at a lunge where the defender just kinda whiffs and given up way too many yards after contact. I liked joe. Kelley coming out of tennessee. But damn these yeah. He was coming out of tennessee. The giants had seventeen tackles in this game. And that's not anything that we saw from the obviously first team but still the giants second team is going up against the brown team so you think that would somewhat balance out. But they're way too. Many missed tackles. Yeah devante down to sam beal. Who had are horrendous game. Had three missed tackles the also had given mola had to miss tackles accredited from pro football focus. I'd like to see those on tape. Trent harris had a couple so that is not something that i feel like it's consistent with patrick. Graham hasn't still been the first team. Giants defense still managed just 'undisciplined football and you saw on a couple of those long runs by the ernest. Johnson's why guys just falling over does not executing good technique. It was kind of a hard to watch. It really wasn't and i'm glad you brought up discipline because that was the word that kind of jumped out to me especially watching the giants defense. When the browns would execute some kind of misdirection Sending a receiver in motion or having play action yet. The giants defense would bite hard on that and that that would have them just completely out of position to make a play on the ball and what could have been a three or four yard. Gain turns into a ten or twelve yard gain. Those first two drive. It seemed like the only times the browns were getting ten yards. Pop was if they screw something up. It's what it seemed like. I mean ryan anderson like somebody who usually from my tape study from alabama and even a little bit in washington was disciplined run defender and he bit so many times he was added position. Loss contain. That was actually kinda surprised about how he wasn't a lot of those types of reps number forty six out there late. Thirty six total snaps. You know you have to get your are is with. Get our eyes on a lot of these edge defenders because once the giants actually have some quality edged defenders. I would say Might be one or two that get released. And you're gonna be like okay. That i probably get scooped up by another team. Women's said that in a while about the new york giants. I don't think ryan anderson did too. Well himself sam bill definitely to do to from somebody who deep giants secondary when you have guys at various williams. Who have i would say. Add up and down kind of game better than the jets game but Still up somebody who could crack the roster even in a deep group as a rookie. Just because he's been having such a camp sam bill ryan anderson. Both those guys are guys who did not impress me in alaw. Minimum offense is another one group in there so conversely in terms of talking guys didn't press you. I want to say i found it very interesting..

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