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And welcome to the brewers beat on CLS media, my name is Evan marano ski. I hope you guys are having a great day, a great week, enjoying hockey being back. Not really the bruins. We're just playing one game to this point. Firstly, one game in a week, and they don't play till Wednesday, but hopefully you enjoyed the game Saturday night. And have been enjoying all the hockey around the league. A lot of just having hockey back. This time of year is always so fun because it's so fresh. I'm watching every game. I'm consuming every possible piece of hockey content I can consume. So I hope you guys are doing the same enjoying the Red Sox as well. On this episode, Connor and I discussed Jake de brusk in the third line, which looks to be back. I know it's one game, one of 82. But that line? Pretty encouraging. Pretty pretty. Pretty encouraging. If you guys get my reference there. Then we talked swimming. We discussed sort of the bruins scheduling things, what to look forward to coming up. And then we discussed ESPN and Turner. How we like the new broadcasts, how we like their new setups, and the promotion of it. So we get into all of that in this episode and more. And without further ado, here's my conversation. With Conor Ryan. And we're here with Connor Ryan, Connor, what is up? Evan, how are you doing? I'm good. I'm doing well. I'm interested to hear how you are. He's just like that right to me. You know, I'm doing okay. I'm going to be over a fun way today. It's the most exciting time of the sports year. We got Red Sox going on. Minks were very busy a couple of days, but I am doing well. Yeah, it's a very busy time of the year. Especially for someone like you who you're not, I mean, bruins have started, but they don't play until Wednesday. Yes. So we've been scheduled being out of whack a little bit, so. Yes. Oh, you know, are you around a little bit? Do you want to go over and see game three of the ALCS? Like, who would want to do that? Yeah. Who would ever want to do that? But anyways, the birds have played one game..

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