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Hamilton and his wife, Eliza, They've lost their son in a duel. Alexander is also paid the price because he was unfaithful to his marriage. He's a broken man and in a broken world with a broken heart, and he sings this lyric where he says I take the Children to the church on Sunday and make the sign of the cross at the door. And another line a little bit later how this quote never used to happen before. As a family of faith. The McCullough's have converted our Sundays to digital worship. We watch our TV now instead of going to church, and I have felt the disconnect, not from God. He's always accessible not from Jesus, who saves us or any of the other things. From those that we come together with. To ask God to intervene in our lives and families and nation collectively. And this weekend. Our church met together for the first time in 18 Sundays. We rented a big baseball open air stadium way out in New Jersey. There was social distancing had to sit with a row in between your family from other families, and you couldn't sit more than a couple of chairs close to someone on any given Ro. They bagged the communion elements so that you carried him in with you, and you didn't pass plates, and they had masks that were required when you went into the restrooms of the quote indoor areas of the stadium. Those who felt vulnerable, were encouraged to participate at home watching the digital version. But I was very glad to see that probably more than 1000 came out. Two. Show up. Because I personally feel That we as a nation urgently need to ask God to intervene. In these frustrating Infuriating. Maddening. Hypocritical, dishonest, dangerous, inconsistent, corrupt, abusive, discouraging depressing. And hopeless times that were living through And here's one more thing. I hold to a crucial belief I believe that prayer. Will trump The protests. Have I? The violence, the crime, the Koven. I think prayer will trump it all. But we as a nation I feel like her are coming up short. A bit. And I said in my column over the weekend. This is why I'm headed back to church. And I hope America follow suit. All right, Kevin McCullough. Glad to be with you. We've got a lot to get to the head of the detective's Union here in New York City. Paul di Giacomo is going to be with me next. We've got a lot to talk about another violent and bloody weekend in the city. We'll also be joined by Dr Gina Loudon, the human behavioralist schools should they start up again in the fall, Should they not what the president has to say about it. What the education secretary has to say about it. Doctor Gina's here to discuss will check the markets as well. David Fisher. Checking in with us for our money Monday and then some final thoughts from me before were all done. I'm Kevin McCullough couldn't be happier than to have you with us. It's a big busy Monday. Keep keep our producer here in your prayers Will. Alex is having some.

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