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Thanks for listening to haunted places. A new episode comes out every Thursday. Listen to all of par casts podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play cast box tune in or your favorite podcast directory. Many of you have asked how to help the show, and if you enjoy haunted places the best way to help is to leave a five star review. Wherever you listen. We'll see you next week haunted. Places was created by max Cutler, it's a production of Cutler media and as part of the park network. It's produced by max and Ron Cutler sound design by Kenny Homs with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Molitor, additional production assistance by Maggie admire and Carly Madden. Haunted places written by Candice Rogers. I'm Greg Poulsen. Don't forget to check out kingpins. You can listen to episodes on Pablo Costa via riyal also known as l zero day only Naga and Richard the iceman Kuklinski right now with new episodes released every Friday search kingpins wherever you listen to podcasts. And subscribe now as promised, here's a brief. Sneak peek of the first episode of kingpins on Richard the iceman Clint ski, I hope you enjoy it and be sure to tell your friends about it. It should have been a quick easy. Kill the man was staring down the barrel of Richard's gun praying and pleading please God help me over and over again, Richard could barely think it was so annoying. Please God, please he should have just shot him to shut him up. But instead he lowered the gun and told him you have half an hour to pray. If God can come down and change the circumstances. You have that time Richard sat down and waited a half hour past God didn't show up. Richard never felt guilty after a murder. He never felt anything at all. But this time for the first time in his life. He found himself regretting what he'd done. He shouldn't have let it go down like that. By the time. He got back home to suburban Dumont, New Jersey, his wife and kids were already asleep. He changed his clothes made himself a Turkey sandwich and sat down to watch some TV. He wondered to himself why he was so cold and cruel. He didn't think he could change, but he wished he could understand it.

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