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You know that so now. You can take someone's obese. Yeah have them build muscle and you see a great protective effect in terms of insulin. So that's probably why resistance training had such a beneficial effect on the brain is because it's building muscle and so the person can remember muscles stores. James could burn up sugar. It's also insulin sensitive. So your body's can utilize it insulin. A little bit better. Yeah and so. It's just an amazing protective mechanism. Is it better than walking because everyone says walking is the number one exercise. So here's why. I like walking right. I like walking because it's easy. Inaccurate injected into everyday life could do it right so for example if if a client says hey. I want to be more active. I've never worked out before. I hate exercise. What's a great way to become active. I'll say okay. Why don't we attach activity to your normal daily routine so you eat breakfast lunch and dinner and they'll say yes. Okay because i want you to ten minute walk after breakfast lunch and dinner at thirty minutes a day in its attached to something that they already do and it just keeps consistent. It's easy. I don't have to change into workout clothes. Get on equipment. I can go do it so watching straight for that but if you compare it head to head to structured resistance training it pales in. Comparison doesn't even come close. It doesn't matter what parameters us. What whether it's fat loss joint mobility. Did you know that resistance. Training is a phenomenal way to improve flexibility. This is myth around resistance. Right makes you tie. As i say i never heard that before because look at the size of you would never think that you are very flexible. Okay so let me expire you up. Let me explain. Let me explain. So you have flexibility which is range of motion at regime. That's just like how far can i take my foot to my head mass. Then you have. What's called functional flexibility. Which means i have this range of motion. But do i have strength and control within that range so to give you an example like a squad right but let me. I'll give you an example. I have a baby. We have a five and a half month old at home right. He's very flexible. I could take his legs and put up his head. He can do the splits but unstable if i put load on them or how to try to do something positions. He probably dislocate one of his joy. In fact hypermobility. Some people have that..

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