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I heavy lucky you and see that kind of self deprecating asian is while you're famous or cheese kurds at one hundred percent of my meals i feel i feel great i have discovered something what i discovered is that beneath the gay jewish wish coastal elites exterior is the digestive tract of a mid western obama trump voter we meant the play lyle lovett it is a musician known first stop the lyrics and melancholy voice but we played john lovett a podcast host and former speech writer for president barack obama common mistake after all who looks at first names when they're choosing something but do not us ended not belinda walker other ms walker in her relatives they're all big fans of lyle lovett and so when she saw a post that he was going to be playing in austin this past sunday she and sixteen family members ponied up about a hundred bucks each to see him on his cleverly named love it or leave it to tour except that it's not a clever name for lyle lovett tour it is a clever name from podcast hosted by john love it on which he end up panel discuss what the website refers to as quote our broken in spain political nightmare factory unquote now you infer correctly the john lovett is liberal you also infer correctly the john lovett but did not lyle lovett unfortunately belinda walker and her glenn did not make that same infringe so they're all sixteen of them were on sunday expecting just text and playing sad then funny songs and instead seeing a non texan insulting donald trump john lovett has since issued a statement saying quote i just wanna make sure baffled music fans have a good time even though a live podcast where i yell about politics and game of thrones his knee exact exact opposite of the dulcet tones they were looking for on quote for the first time in nearly thirteen years as of this week hassan bennett is free the philadelphia man would finally acquitted of second degree murder charges relating to an event in two thousand six mr bennett had been convicted of orchestrating orchestrating and taking part in an ambush shooting of two young men in a car he always maintained his innocence saying he was on the phone at home when he heard shots ringing out this was the fourth and final triumphs on bennett's case it's also the most unusual because mr bennett decided he was going to learn the law while in prison and he successfully represented himself we reached on bennett in philadelphia has found take us to that moment in the courtroom when you got that not guilty verdict from the jury was that like when i walked up it was fascinating expert any exhibits or anything so i knew i was gonna get a not guilty verdict but when they actually fit not guilty it was like i like all my work at paid off like a certified approve a need proof that everybody told you not to do this right i mean this was this is concerned stupid thing to do you don't defend yourself especially this is the kind of what this is your last chance right this wasn't like you had other cards you could place so we gave you that confidence you thought you could defend yourself well it was a brother you know his name is richard wilson that was his real name but we call it and brother luke marcel me i used to ask him questions about the low end he would tell me that book it's in that book right there any points or okay and he told you and this is you were teaching yourself while you were up in the prison library getting those books and yeah did you just sit there and do all night long burning the midnight also this week yeah i would stay up until five o'clock in the morning and then they will wake it's up on our later and i would get up and then go back to the law library whenever i could i spent my last money my last amount of dollars on either legal books legal copies or a typewriter you also went into the courtroom wearing your pale blue prison closed everyone tells you not to do that to put on a suit don't be a prisoner don't have you're bracelet on why did you do that because i just thought it jerry knows you're locked up you're in a suit wearing when sneakers iniquity suit when jailhouse sneakers you have the extra share things they share patel you know don't turn around so they know you're locked up so it's like you're you're tricking the jury this is a truth determinant process the jury whole thing is they try to get to the truth of what happened and if you look like you're trying to trick the jury i think the jury a look at you unfavorable and you made sure they understood that right you pointed out to him in case you missed it this is what i'm wearing this is who i am right now and i told her i'm not a wreck any other crime i've been locked up for four thousand six hundred and thirteen a fourteen day an i'm here telling you i was locked up for this crime the evidence the day put it to you here is why i stayed in long you have said that what was missing in the previous tiles where you were represented by counsel is that there is evidence that was not presented so what did you bring to this final child is different well i had a alibi that i was on the phone and i testified on trout not during the trial outlaw since two thousand eight hours on the phone but my lawyer did not present the phone makers right yet he yes he did the phone where he did not is that the person hours on the phone wit to cooperate my testimony or if the phone record's in wister people out person hours on the phone away in everyone they sold me on the phone i was able to overturn this there's one key person that you put on the stand in question and that was the homicide detective who had a gutsy the statements that put you away that's james pets who already had been the subject of a philadelphia inquirer news report about misconduct what were you able to get this to pets to admit well first of all audio the detectives say mr pets wasn't around when the witness was interviewed four witnesses testified the detective had beat them up or threatened them or bully them in the making a false statement or not making a statement at all so when the detective said not pitch wasn't around when i put him on a stamp it acknowledge that he dealt with each witness he was very vague about what happened with witnesses were very secure was able to see he was not reliable because it was such a risky thing you did did you have a moment in ten years time they say well what if what if i'm wrong here everytime people will open their mouth they would tell me the downfall of the represent my everytime ideas study everytime i prepare try every time i wrote my questions down and prepare my angels of examination there my opening argument the closing arguments and worked on what i would have yet to and what i would argue i thought about the pitfalls you can't claim ineffective on yourself if i was to lose then i would be stuck with a life sentence unless i could find newly discovered evidence or the court made a mistake by allowing over my you know high stakes and it was eighty minutes a day were outside they deliberating this finally that the founding of these young men who was killed in that shooting back in two thousand six men devon english and the family is unhappy about you're quite own father said that his all this declared by god what would you say to that family if you smoke them well over a decade it'd be told someone someone did and the prosecution has yet to admit they messed up and they picked the wrong person that the family is made believe with the prosecution is saying is true but if they would just sit down and look at the evidence then they would see i'm not guilty i am innocent of all charges i wasn't even around when the shooting happened i just hope the best for them i know they lost something and i know they're still grieving they were did not just throughout the whole proceeding even if was convicted that's not the justice you seek you want the person they actually committed the crime and now you you're out after thirteen years of being behind bars you're obviously picked up a lot of knowledge about the law what they're gonna do that i wanna go to law school and practice or i also wanna help people while i'm doing it and i wish you all success and congratulations on your win in court in thanks speaking with us thank you son bennett was acquitted of second degree murder on appeal earlier this week we reached him in philadelphia a federal prosecutors may be finished with the mark norman case but the conservative hope the prosecution of the government has only just begun yesterday the crown drop its breach of trust prosecution against vice admiral norman saying it had received new information about the case that information had been given to the defense by members of stephen harper's former government and it had to do with the shipbuilding contract that led did a mass in the first place today conservative foreign affairs critic aaron o'toole is asked who he held responsible for holding onto that information for so long mr o'toole is quick turn the focus on the prime minister his former principal secretary and canada's former top bureaucrats well i think they trudeau prime minister's office should be explaining why they withheld or delayed disclosure of a number of documents that clearly once they were in the hands of the director of public prosecution they decided they could not proceed had the government participated more fulsome link more quickly more appropriately admiral norman may have been relieve some of this trauma a year or even more ago it's are position and that the seventy three names that that michael were nick in the prime minister were aware of post these cabinet meeting where they were attempting to possibly change the day be shipped contract why the seventy three names was just one apparently selected for removal from their job investigation before charges were even late the prime minister himself twice speculated that mr norman would be in court why that one name and we wanna hear from the prime minister he can't travel mobile and hide from question period forever we'd also like to hear from mr work mr but the same the same people we saw in the sea level and a fair this actually predates it so there's a lot of questions on who ashby rcmp to investigate the one name exactly collins.

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