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He wasn't really coach able according to reports his teammates didn't like him and he still can't shoot was he perfect now tim duncan was really good really really really good would even better if he had another year of eligibility in college probably so i don't buy into this well if he stays he's going to get better every college player if he stays would get better if they've got the right coaches the keyword donald to me is is the coaching capable of taking sam from here to a slightly better level before the nfl that's what i worry about because i don't think he's topped out i think sam's got a lot of talent i think sam's a little reckless hurting it's part of his dna he kinda makes plays up so their stories now i have not double source this i've got six different people i've just okay i was just told two of my sources just answered back the lean is yes no official word from sam okay there you go so there's a story that came out this morning it's done i dunno i do not i texted during the break we did not have official word all right at the you know it is i talk about kinney get the coaching elevator only give you an example carson palmer came out yesterday and said i'm retiring kit carson palmer to me is a hall of famer now it's close it's going their way like philip rivers i think they're both hall of famers but i'll give you an example what have carson palmer had bill bellichik.

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