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Be added to the game for free. The expansion will be thirty nine ninety nine which is more expensive than I would have assumed but it seems like aftermath is pretty extensive and speaking of fighting game expansions ultra instinct goes who is coming to dragon ball fighters band dynamic co released a trailer today for Dragon Ball fighters next fighter edition and it's ultra instinct Goku. Which if we're keeping track and also depending on if you think characters like veto go jetta and Fusayasu count which I do for my immediate purpose. Here this will be the eighth iteration of Goku that will be added to the game. I loved Dragon Ball. I love Goku but this feels like it is getting a little out of hand. Ultra Instinct Goku is too powerful first short and has white hair that does not stand straight up and based on the trailer which is linked in the show notes. He seems like a more defensive character who focuses on counters watching the trailer is also a reminder that dragon ball fighters really just still looks absolutely amazing of the show. Cereal Vasquez and I went to Japan to see Dragon Ball fighters for game. Informer's cover story on the game and I consider him an expert on Dragon Ball Fighters. He tweeted about ultra instinct. Goes neither jol nor Ellie look nearly as powerful as an instinct. Goku so this is the better trailer and he's not wrong. I'd I think Goku could beat them in a fight. Pretty handily ultra instinct. Goku will be available on May twenty second on all the Platforms Dragon. Ball fighters is available on Amazon unveils. Crucible a free to play hero shooter. Amazon has been flirting with becoming a game developer. For years it is always hiring notable game developers to work on something but we haven't really seen the fruits of those laborers until now crucible comes from relentless studios a developer. That is part of Amazon Games and it is a free to play hero shooter that is releasing on. May Twentieth. It mechanically looks a little over. Watchi- A little team fortress two we a little Valerie T. But it takes place on an alien planet which will create obstacles. You must overcome while attempting to complete objectives across the Games three modes and fighting other players. Heart of the hives has you collecting hearts from hives these giant alien plants. You Need To Destroy Harvest Commander Tasks your team. With collecting the most of whatever harvesters harvest by controlling various harvesters and Alpha hunters seems to be the most straightforward mode as teams of to try to see. Who can stay alive longest? It looks interesting. And it's exciting to see Amazon truly stepping into the world of video game publishing and development but competition in that world of competitive class based shooters is no joke. Crucible will essentially be competing with all the games I mentioned earlier as well as APEC legends. So I wish the game luck. It's free to play so there is little reason not to at least give it a shot. But we'll have to see if it finds its audience and managed to stick around cyberpunk twenty seventy seven gets a two hundred eighty plus word. Es Rb description there is still a lot of mystery surrounding cyberpunk twenty seventy seven in terms of its story and gameplay mechanics but a new unlikely source of information has appeared in the form of the Games. Esrb descript her. The game is rated M for mature which is not surprising in the least and a lot of the information in the description isn't too surprising either but there are a few surprises. Just a heads up. I do keep the show intentionally clean and don't use any profanity but if you happen to be listening with children feel free to hit that handy little fifteen second forward button twice and then you can go back and check out the ESRB descript in the link in the show notes. If you're still curious okay. Go ahead and double tap that fifteen second button now. There will be sexual activity and first person sexual encounters in the game. There will be extreme violence including a scene involving another character. Hand and a hammer and nails there will be profanity and overt drug use but one of the more interesting details from the description. Is this direct quote. Players can select a gender and customize their character customization can include depictions of breasts buttocks and Genitalia as well as various sizes and combinations of considering CD project. Red's previous focus on Garrelt and how he is basically a fully established character with little room for customization outside of its clothes and armor. It's interesting to learn. Exactly how much you will be able to customize your character and cyberpunk twenty seventy seven which by the way the description reads. This is a first person. Rpg shooter in which players assume the role of a mercenary named V trying to make their way through the open world of night city. I don't think those details are new but I wanted to mention that just in case cyberpunk twenty seventy seven is releasing September seventeenth and there will be more details about the on June eleventh from something called nights city wire CD project Reds Global Community Lead Marsin. Mamo promises that quote stuff will be shown you footage of a canceled. Prince of Persia game suddenly surfaces. I reached out to you be saw for some kind of statement or additional information here.

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