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Me your face. I go nuts in my bedroom of my house on. Is that twenty years ago anyway. Very soon. In the timeline of the business Paint your wagon as a flop up Finian's rainbow as a flop and in that seem easy. Rider comes up and it's the death of the musical as we know it from Hollywood. How did you feel during that period where you get to the late sixties and everything becomes the counter cultural thing in Nicholson and five easy pieces and all everything becomes a little more? I dropped out. I actually dropped out a show business. moved into Panga and got into fine art as opposed to Komo. Did you do that. Oh boy was out for years for several years. I did nothing The last movie I did I think was the long ships movie with Sidney Poitier and would mark and and then I dropped out and I went. I went up to two Panga and got into who I met. An artist was Berman. I got involved with Like Allen Ginsberg and Michael McClure. The poet and I got involved with a lot of those people and I got turned onto fine art as opposed to the performing. Now you've got quite a few credits after yeah Yeah but there be movies. I did them just for some money so I can support myself. Could I didn't give a fuck what I did. I just did them in there and made up my own line of work and a lot of that are happy to have you. Yeah they were thrilled to have me. Then I did well in the fine art shows and I. Did you still doing this solar well when I get a chance. I've been writing my book for the last twenty years by the way it's called dance on the edge. When's he coming out early next year? We finished it and Bonnie is his putting in all of photos. Now we've got tons of photos that were putting I hope so tell. Are you one of the stories about west side story when We finished in and I was friends with Natalie in an RJ and they it came out to the Beach House. One Time Tab dinner we had dinner and we were we were drinking and And Tony were Dante was came came to he was a friend of Natalie's and so we're all sitting around. Were having a few drinks and I got this crazy idea. It was just 'cause I one time at Anthony Quinn's house up in Oxnard he had a big ranch and I went there and we were out in the back that he was barbecuing and and he says let's play you. Ask somebody a question and you have to tell the truth. So I said this play that so we started doing it with Natalie and and RJ. We went around the room and I thought well I'm going to live in up so I thought for sure that I knew knew the answer to this. So I said could Natalie I said Natalie in that if you had your choice of getting an Academy Award for West Side Story Story get an academy award. But in order to get the Academy award you would have to divorce. Rj You know or would you rather stay with RJ RJ. You know and and so she says she thought about it for a second. She said I'll take the cat. That's a true story. A lot of women the shiny ball I was so surprised. I thought sure at RJ nod knowingly. He pounded the table. He practically ethically broke a bottle again. He rang the and I was living at the beach at a beach and he ran down to the beach and Tony went to help him and I was sitting there with Naveh said. Why didn't you say that why she said well? I thought about it. And I thought you know it may be my only chance to get an academy and we're not gonNA MARRY RJ again. Dan came back up and I thought about that story. When you know? Would that big deal that they had on the yacht where she drowned and they had a big fight and all. Oh Yeah yeah very much in love with her. You could tell he was little. Oh yeah he was he. He was really possessed by dinner with people in New York. And I know she's to play a game and I'd say AH my friends back. Then this is ten fifteen years ago they were all ten years older than me. Some fifty they're sixty or seventy and I'd have like I went with a friend of mine and and his wife and two couples that were friends women's table. There's eight of us. I'm the youngest one that everybody's in their seventies and I turned to this woman who was Anne Bancroft kind of Salty Savvy v New York Dame And I said to her I said Love Anne and the game I played was. Do you want to know your husband your wife Your partner. You're married to in the next life life when you die. Will you see them again. And the first person I turned to with this woman who was like this Anne Bancroft type you Julia. You and Irving here I nations and before I even opened my mother because she was Oh God no God forty years with him is enough. You think I'm going to see him on the other side side for eternity. Oh Christ at one of honest thing to San Front of your husband. Than when you're dead I always obsess about the league. Will I know my wife and my kids is on the other side. While I see my dad blah blah real quickly How do you get dialed into David Lynch twin peaks? How'd you get pulled into that? I was living with Dean in Stockwell and deny were lit up Laurel Canyon. I'd just divorced My second wife and moved in with Dean Him and the two of us were living there. And then I went to do a play and dean and Dennis Hopper did blue velvet and so Dennis said he. He's GonNa have a birthday party for David Lynch and so I went within two Dennis's place and And Lynch was getting cards and gifts and stuff and and he opened up this one card and it was a guy standing in the centre with these naked women around him you know with all these naked women and he sort of laughed and everybody laughed and it was like the funny thing you know and I was standing next to me. Wouldn't you love to be. This guy is funny like that and it was an opportunity and I said to him. I said what I would really love. David is to work with you sometime. And he looked at me and he said the next project I do the next project and it was like a year later that I got a call. All from agency remembered. David Lynch wants to see you and so I went in. He remembered him and He said the part that I and I'll never forget what he said head was and I went home and told Bonnie later he what he said to me. Not the part I want you to. I'm thinking of you for the part I want you to do in. His film is eccentric. trich character called Doctor Jacoby when she had to do that in the film so I went home and I kept thinking about it all the way home in. What he said? Didn't say want you to additional Jenner Tryout. or I'm thinking of you the part I want you to do and I went home and I told Bonnie that's what he said so My agent called and said yes he wants you. They just don't have a part yet written for Doctor Jacoby but They wrote a scene for the pilot and I decided to do something nuts dean told McCain had worked with him he said David loves something. That's out there you know so I decided to I put it here plugs in my ears. I figured as you psychiatrist so when I get off the elevator and the wind scene and Asian Cooper says to me agent Cooper Gary Cooper and that was about the only seen I had but after the pilot Lynch loved it and so they picked it up and I'm GONNA shoot it a year later and that's what I went to Venice and I wanted to find some crazy glasses. So I- narrow down to a blue pair a red pair and then finally I stopped. I was looking in the mirror and I said Oh my God. That's it so I had a pair of glasses made with one redlands and one Blue Lens and that was my Jacoby. Major showed him to Lynch. I said the Blue Lens affects affects the creative side of the eye and the logical side of the was a red list. Give it some light so explain all he says I love it but let's did not tell anybody why you're wearing those glasses. Let's keep it a secret. He loves secrets. Let me just say this here. Here's my last question. Do everybody knows Because you have a you have a multi generational show business family Your Tamblyn Dad. Ever give her any advice about the Biz chipper wanting advice. Me About this She did she said a soap opera general hospital that she was on. I wasn't working so I used to take her. My mother was was taking her for well. Passed away then. I took her and I used to stand next to the camera and when she would finish his scene you know in soap opera directors not their directors in a booth breath. Yeah and I used to stand next to the camera and when she would finish his seen the one piece of advice I gave her is whatever you do. Don't get caught acting. That's the main thing. Don't get caught acting. That should be the name of your book. Don't get caught acting Russ Tamblyn. Thank you from the bottom thank you. It's such an honor to be interviewed..

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