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Zero three this portion of Texas home brew is made possible by Texas three model team yeah sit down here on Galveston island looking out at the sunshine but one of things I noticed I thought the heater kicked on no one over looked and it wasn't the heater kick in on it was the air conditioner kick in on yeah it's fifty something degrees outside in the air conditioners kicking off so I started looking it's got just plate glass windows you know single frame windows the heat coming in is so heavy from the sun that it's making the air conditioner kick on a cool day like this I found that amazing but it really tells you if you've got the old single pane aluminum frame windows you probably need to be looking for some new windows for your home anyways if you got a question seven one three two one two five eight seven four I'll see what I can do to help you out here on Texas home brewing it's off talking about windows this comes in from ma Virgil in Montgomery having America's choice windows replaced all our windows but I have two windows that have still and sheet rock water damage from the storm before roof was replaced so I'd like to have this repaired before the new windows are installed well you can give Victor's remodeling a call they come out they can give.

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