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New K.. It would also I was thinking about what we're well into the twenty first century. I think of myself as the twentieth century boy. I'm nineteen something. Something nineteen this nineteen. I'm fifty six hundred so to be twenty twenty. That's like well into the next one. Oh you into the twenty first. Yeah Right Okay Oh and you think of yourself as the twentieth yes I feel a little like deep keeping a foreign land called the future Robert. You're a man for all seasons. I don't but the question. Hey jaboomer on. This is radio lab so as we said at the beginning of the last episode here at the end of the month Robert will be retiring from the show. This is something that he and I have been talking about for awhile. Something we've been talking talking about with the staff for Awhile and for the last few months we've been trying to figure out As a team like how do we send him off with the right way to say goodbye and and we decided let's interview him the way he and I have interviewed thousands of people over these last seventeen years working together so I made list questions. We've written them down on your phone. I have prepared for this conversation as I would any other. I suppose that's very professionally. All these different questions about the places he likes likes to go In the city of this series of questions about Robert in dating APPs which. I'm not going to explain. But it was actually the first first question I had written down. That ended up taking us down some unexpected paths. So let me just ask you what they are. The bobby's the mob is a little bit of a cork. I decided sited at some point. We'll your name is Robert. That's right. We serve bobby that I would create an award like the Oscars which I would name after myself. Called the Bobby's obese. One was the first bobby I think it was in the early Seventies. And I was thinking of awarding things that I am the rule about the bobby's where I would have have a audience experience. I am the audience and I would then award the person who created that Experience Abi and the difference between me on the Oscars and some of the Lesser Surro- was is that I would award the creator of whenever he or she did. The act of creation was not important. It was when I consumed it so you could have a a bobby in which Judy Garland for playing a role she played in nineteen thirty. Nine would be up against somebody who played a a a movie. That was two weeks old to chow thick skin. Bobby Well Charles. Dickens would always get this caused all kinds of problems were soon as he would walk into the room with the book and all the other officer said well. I don't see why we even have to write books anymore so I would then. My wife decided that I had because I always had a very very weak Memory System. I found myself awarding things that mostly I had consumed in very end of October early. November was thanksgiving. Yeah because anything that I had seen in January February or the previous December so she's decided to give me a bobby book. Oh you brought the Bobby's book I did producers Bellhop Day and match healty had Bobby Kay bring in his bobby book. It's a black book with a red binding. It has ingold a picture of the Bobby Statue. which is Bobby With to all the winners written in it so it starts in nineteen seventy seven this this ripped pages because one of the consultants. My wife got so angry at me for not letting her be part of the deciding group that she ripped in a temper tantrum the page out which. Why didn't you let her be part of the process of Bobby Bobby and others books that so that this here is just anger frozen in time and place here? Seventy seven seems to have only winners. That doesn't seem any DESTIN's lives of a cell by Lewis. It was Thomas One book of the year still crazy after all these years by Paul. Simon Ron Song of the year friendly fire from the New Yorker by CD Bryant won best magazine Article All of the year Somebody named Hi Glen would climbing Swiss Mountain in the New Yorker won best short story of the year. And Annie Hall Woody Woody Allen Movie of the year for colored girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is not enough one. The play of the year the Ritzy Forte Award was not awarded that year Ricci Forte is the name of the Special Award for the best cartoon of the year no winners that year. Nineteen seventy seven and then nineteen in nineteen ninety years past and I would put in the winners play of the year six degrees of separation by John to all the different categories nineteen seventy-nine best this book of the year the press by a j league performance by an actress Fernanda Montenegro. Two Thousand Five A. You're a big fan of notebook. I was I cried during the notebook and I would announce them sometimes too winners themselves which was always a little bit of mixed sort of thing and then in my mind. Of course there's a red carpet and it's flush and there's there's a tremendous Paparazzi. Knew it can ask you a question via. So when you're awarding bobby's was it always to esteemed people. Was it it to the threat or could it be to just Joe. Who makes a really good could be to jog? Verdi's requiem as sung at Andy Closures Britain. This is my first cousin when he turned sixty. We rented a chorus and sang the bass part in Verdi's requiem. There wasn't the things like there's some things I give A special tribute for like kind of lifetime achievement. Award kind of thing various architects and cartoonists. And also these moments bobby there are moments in my life that year where I had a feeling of just glory or just joy or can you. Yeah let's see two two thousand in Times Square who Redwood forest that's with my wife what else is use either one says At my mother's bed April two thousand when she died. Why was that a moment for you to be like watching Jeopardy and I hired a person to take care of her that night and I walked about seven blocks and I got a phone call as she was doing really well in jeopardy and the lady who had never met my mother. I think your mother just died so I ran back and she was dead and You know that that was completely shocking. When she was sick but and she said she was kept saying? I'M GONNA die but She was into that sort of thing from at least and so there she wants she was dead. Ed and I sat on the bed looking at a wounded. Still warm and it was my mother. You know that that was a moment. The moments don't have to be like always pleasant. They can just be searing or things that you never will forget that moments before she passed away she was answering jeopardy questions correctly. That's a really great way to go shoes jeopardy nick but I don't know if I got older it gets really bit. Surreal as as it got into the into the more recent years. It gets alarming because the book DOC begins to run out of pages getting down to the last thirteen pages the same book from seventy seventy. Yeah when it gets to eighteen. The book stops like they were out of pages ages so I said to my daughter looked Nora if the bobby book ends in two thousand eighteen. Isn't it follow. Perhaps it's the night today the your father will end in two thousand eighteen so she ran to the deepest Brooklyn and found a book binder. And said could you like double all the Bobby Book and we bind it so my father could live longer so my father could live longer so now look at this. This is this is means that you're going to have to deal with me All these years you didn't add even more pages. It covers about twenty five. You might be yeah twenty by by then I'll be like ninety something so I'm I'm a twenty forty seven. I'll be one hundred so I don't think I wanna go that far so this looks just about about right actually and then have the feeling. They're happy unless I get run over by truck of like you know pretty much being a life well-lived or rather well consumed hume with all of these rewards compressing like your whole adult years until like a tiny book which makes it feel a lot shorter order and smaller than it actually was like. There's I mean that's an interesting subject to me. Like there is a fellow who invented a thing. Mathematics is heels in New Jersey at Princeton instant and he loves to just measure himself so he'll send me the number of times. He touched the letter t during the month of May on his computer. What what or the amount of hours? He slept the amount of hours of the eighth amount of hours that he showered the amount of hours that he I was on the telephone for the whole year. You know worked out and then sends me all these bar graphs and stuff but the different people you know Different people reflect differently about themselves and you know for a person who's very mathematical like this guy. It make sense to him a deep sense that he can be expressed in data points. And I don't know he feels them the way I guess a great eight mathematician loves pattern. Feel so he sees the pattern of himself in my case. This is called When I enjoyed myself extravagantly whether it was reading or going to see something or having experience or well I felt the intensity of being alive? That's a different kind kind of measure and someone else. Would you know. Write a memoir or letter to their grandchildren. Coldwell I remember when your Grandpa so there's thousands of ways to do this us and to some degree this is not most flattering. My particular form of compression. Either it's self. Help book to keep me. You know comfortable.

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