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Danny Ainge area, which was trading Kendrick Perkins and putting all your eggs in Shacks basket brutal, right? I mean that was just again having well not all the eggs as well get to my personal number with my number one is coming up, but but yeah, yep. Just stuff it was a game. It was a you know, maybe they should just not play them that might have been that's strike was better off being a PJ Braun sighting like don't even play them until February or March for that team. And then you have a better chance of getting them healthy the playoffs they look so good and they'll first twenty games near that probably influenced the front office assistant degree being like, okay, once that gets back we'll be able to kind of took us out again. And yeah, obviously I've never never came to be they would have had to a man for like practicing now cuz if there is a wait till February would have been like seven hundred pounds. Oh, yeah, you practice and stuff off Jack's not the kind of guy you say hey coat go take care of yourself and come back in in late February. I don't know if you did Browns busy. It's a great Point. Yeah. All right. So for Thursday, what do you got? What was shocked with my four? So that was my the big man grab bags was was So eventually yeah, who's your number 5 or your fiber page? For you rich who's your fiber Shack my form going to I'm set up a few fireworks here in honor of Independence Day and a guy who I think likes to make America great job than anyone else on the Celtics mileage, right? Yes. I love a boy. This was going to be my hot take yeah. I also have them on my worst. Yeah, but how do you say Gordon Hayward? And again, it's not Danny Ainge has fallen. Gordon Hayward fault, but uh, he's made ninety million dollars so far and we'll see what happens this year. Although you know, we're not blaming him for purchasing the Conference Finals, but he's potentially get a missed the Conference Finals issue this year. But yeah, you know, ninety million dollars is averaging 13.6 points a game missed an entire season. It's just it's just an enormous Miss as a fridge. They no one's fault except Fates, but it's it's a tough one. It's one play kind of ruins. Everything comes down has one of the more gruesome injuries and recent and birth. History total fluke. I mean we go back to before the Celtics sent him and a lot of the rationale for not trading to get someone like Jimmy Butler or Paul. George was they were strongly confident that they could just side and Gordon Hayward with their cap space even though the Utah Jazz and the Miami Heat were going to be also in in Hot Pursuit. I mean like before the injury. This was like a really great signing and this would have been top three. I think I'm like if you never got hurt it's probably a top-three daddy in shining no-brainer worth. The max wasn't All-Star probably almost certainly off ever be an All-Star again or get up to that level on a consistent basis..

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