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Yeah. This is Bloomberg Business Week with Carol Master and Bloomberg. Quick takes Tim Stinebaugh on Bloomberg Radio. Alright, well slew of earnings after the bell taking a look at David Buster shares higher now by well continuing to move higher by 7.4% of firm holdings. Shares higher and after hours trading right now by 10.8%. We'll have more coverage on those in just a few minutes. In the meantime, let's get a check on the latest world in national news with Nancy Lyons in D. C. Hey there. Nance Hatim. The Justice Department has filed the lawsuit to overturn the Texas abortion law. After the Supreme Court refused to intervene, turning private citizens into bounty hunters to infringe on the rights of women and their doctors. Attorney General Merrick Garland said, is a scheme to nullify the U. S constitution and the right to judicial review. The United States seeks of permanent and preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of the statute against the state of Texas. The state's officers, employees and agents and private parties. It has effectively deputized, Garland said. The Texas law also conflicts with federal laws relating to health care and the duties of federal employees who carry out those laws in Washington, Irv Chapman Bloomberg radio in about an hour, President Biden will outline his new six prongs approach to tamp down Covid 19 cases. He's expected to call for vaccination for all federal employees and contractors. And require all large private employers to have their workers either vaccinated or tested. Americans are among the estimated 200 people who left Kabul, Afghanistan today on a commercial flight. State Department spokesman Ned Price says the U. S views the flight to Doha, Qatar, as a positive sign from the Taliban government. Certainly today's departure of this Qatar Airways Charter was a welcome step. It is certainly something that we were glad to see happen. As we have said, I additional such steps will be similarly greeted not only by the United States but by the international community. That price says the U. S. Will continue to hold the.

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