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Live from npr news in washington on giles snyder authorities the northern california now say the wildfires arab to have now killed at least forty people and destroyed some fifty seven hundred homes and businesses a fires broke out a week ago governor jerry brown calling them one of the greatest tragedy says state has ever faced hundreds of people are still reported missing and although officials say they expect to find most alive elissa junk perry from member station kqe deep reports of the work of search and rescue teams search and rescue units from up and down the state spent saturday going through piles of rubble destroyed neighborhoods of santa rosa but there's so much ashish and debris and that ashen debris is almost like a powder it's almost like a baby powder and you have to sift through that and in some way find human remains and be able to hopefully identify them in some way if you can you can see of a bone in you pick it up just turns to powder in your hands sergeant ray kelly of the alameda county sheriff's department says unfortunately searching for bodies a similar to an archeological tank special taking tools and cadaver dogs were brought in for assistance for npr news i'm over such a pain santa rosa authorities in puerto rico have revised the death toll from hurricane maria they now say the storm is led to the deaths of forty nine people much of the island remains without power in pierce adrian florido visited a remote community this weekend where people are skeptical that he like trysts city will be restored anytime soon noone here expect power to be restored before next.

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