Biron, Atlanta, Brennan Rogers discussed on Ringer FC - Barcelona Is Back! (Ep. 6)


It's it's like the like biron is the scope of the champions league gary like bringing in the disgraced former world class player arturo vidal howard wraps his lamborghini area but i mean you look at the roster and it's still like incredible the dues this he masiello they'll be fine another team that will defined as psg any early reviews if he has this watching watching highlights of just just isolated nave are highlights against any time any time that they play at atlanta is just kind of like watching my brother you know play in practice against like my team what i was like you thirteen is crazy like is like i play i worry about whether or not ominous loaned out skis i just worry about like him getting injured for somebody just getting super frustrated mean like you know what fuck your knees and it digest this is cool they won like what five one again cavani name r and i'm bob a like i i saw some stat about like how many goals and this this they have already together and it's just like kind of absurd i'll be very interested to see them and champions league mean celtic might not provide the greatest challenge toby don't talk about brennan rogers they think of the supporters to this of both the thing about that game um the most recent game is like last year we didn't really get like monica was just counterattacking nonstop young this game and bob it was getting the ball in traffic in.

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