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He's a great father, like this situation couldn't happen to a better person. You know, he has taken some lumps. You know, with his accidents and this and that, but he always finds a way to rise to the occasion and become black. And you know, going back to it like he's always just had that mental toughness, toe stand up and do whatever it is that needs to be done. But he also has AH, charismatic personality. You walk in the locker with J P p and your shoes any right? He's gonna crack on you. As soon as you walk in the door, you know, he's gonna keep it life. And that's I think we're with some people respond to is like he's a man like, you know, that's a regular dude. He'll talk to anybody the same way he talks to Tom Brady. He's gonna talk to the free agent that walks in, but he's always been like that. You know, since I've known him s so you know, I just, You know, I appreciate everything that he's doing out there on the field. He's obviously grown tremendously as a player. I saw him come into the league, not understanding. You know what we were trying to tell him to the point where when I When I left, he understood. You know the defense and the offenses that we're playing against better than most guys I think ever will so Um, He's one of those players. He'll go down you go down is a great player. He's one of the best and I played with and hey deserves to be where he's at. Mathias. I want to give you another connection to the New York Giants that we're going to see on Super Bowl Sunday Super Bowl 55. That's the your first defensive coordinator. That got you guys to the Super Bowl? That was Steve Spagnola. We're going to see him out there with the Kansas City Chiefs. We know what your group he was always about. Attack. It was like the rush was was coming in waves. You knew it was coming, Obviously not the same type of defensive talent up front with this chief squad. But you do have weapons. And Jones Matthew. What should fans expect from Steve Spagnola? Those defense and the Super Bowl against Tom Brady? Again? Yeah, He's always been good at making adjustments and understanding how to put key players in the position to make plays. And one of the visuals he always gave us was arrows through snow. You know when you're flying, you're an arrow through snow. You just make that mistake at full speed. If you're gonna make it don't hesitate. Don't look around. Just go shoot your shot. Make that play and trust that the dude behind you is gonna make up for it. And one of the things that I've repeated about him is he's honest as a coach, he's not trying to save his job. He's very confident and what he does. He's been very successful at it, and there was a time he came in, and Corey Webster was our corner and he put on the film and he said, Hey, guys, look at this play right here. This was a bad call by me. But after a corner over here, make this play great. Remember Sitting down like like I was like the first time I ever heard of Kota coordinator at MIT like that. They really messed up. You know, Usually they're fine. Coaches confined everybody's fault except for their own. He's a guy who's honest about, um you know what he's doing, and everybody bought into it. You know that ZZ to get behind somebody who's confident who's competent and who's humble. And I think she's got all three of those. So let me ask you when it boils down to this game. You've been on the defensive side strategizing with Spagnola. You've had to prepare obviously to play against Brady. You were you were in the room with with J P P. What do you think is gonna happen in this game? I know it. I think we all believe it's gonna be a great one should be. Hopefully it's a close one. What do your thoughts on how this game will roll in and also turn out? You know, a lot of it. Super Bowl wise. A lot of it goes back to what? We talked about the beginning your preparation. How did they prepare? You can tell if you know a guy or a team has been focused if they've been diligent If they've been working, taking care of their bodies and studying you could tell that in the first quarter, so I think you know, you gotta let it play out a little bit to kind of get an understanding of Okay. This team's plan. Watch how they're fired up there flying around the ball there. Nobody jogging on any play. I was speaking from the defense of perspective, mainly, but the outcome of the game for me is the basics. You gotta hit him. You gotta hit him. Whoever gets hit, you know, hits are cumulative is what I always was told. And over the course of the game. If you can hit the quarterback enough, you're gonna throw him off. And that's that's where you get your opportunity to capitalize. That's where you get your opportunities to win the games to make those plays. You know, it's it's hard. T O hit that route that deep right or even that route in the flat when your head is ringing, you know, and that's a big component to the game. So you just gotta you gotta hit him. Spoken by a true sack master with eyes. He would Nuka two time Super Bowl champ with the giant sea. Of course you want to see somebody get it. I'll tell you Listen, I marveled at what Som Brady is doing. I wish he would go away. You gotta respect him. I want to see him get knocked all over the place..

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