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Of downtown and through the cut. And the construction barrels north bound. 75 slows just a bit between Buttermilk and Dixie. There's crews working whether accident eastbound 74 near cold rain, and for a little bit of a time I was seeing some heavier traffic from Montana that looks better this time around. Chuck Ingram News Radio 700 wlw. Now, the latest forecast from the advanced Dentistry Weather Center from social distancing and pre screening patients toe appropriate pp. Our focus remains on safety. Learn more at no fear. Dentist dot com slash patient safety Tropical feel returns today as the tristate brings back the high humidity levels high Yesterday, though, will be in the mid eighties with partly cloudy skies and we'll also have a chance for a few showers and storms in the afternoon and evening hours. We'll stay dry tonight as we cool off into the seventies before seeing eighties and spotty rain chances over the weekend from a severe weather station. I'm nine first warning meteorologist Alston Winfield. News Radio 700 wlw 70 degrees Right now. There's no rain on radar in the immediate tri state, though we're starting to see some shower activity that could be having some thunderstorm activity embedded with it. Moving up out of the Louisville area northeast into Cincinnati. Looks like there is a pop up storm right now, just north of Fellmeth. Again. 70 degrees. Secretary of State Frank Larose says he has no worries about Ohio voting by mail this fall. Not every state doesn't as well as Ohio does some states. There are concerns about fraud related Absentee voting, but certainly not nohow. We've got two decades of history and how to do this. The Rose telling our Scott Sloan the Buckeye States been allowing people to cast ballots at home for some time he does not share President Trump's concerns that voting by mail will contribute to.

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