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Security for Michigan-based auto parts operation. He was a marine with a checkered past off to to toys in Iraq. He was discharged philosophy self-professed. Russia. Fall wheelin was active on Russian. Social media spy scandals have long been part of the theater of US. Russia relations this arrests comes just two weeks after the guilty. Plea of confessed Russian agent Maria Bettina who admitted to infiltrating Republican political circles to influence US Russia relations ABC's James Longman, President Trump invited top congressional leaders of both parties to the White House Wednesday afternoon. Trying to figure out how to end the partial government shutdown now in its twelfth day. Fire aboard the serenity ace car hauling cargo ship two thousand miles north west of Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean alerted by the coast reporting system, nearby vessels rescued sixteen crew members. Petty officer third class, Matthew west in remote areas, like the Pacific Ocean. In this case it allowed us a search and rescue coordinators to reach out to civilian vessels. That might be in the area to help respond quickly to emergencies. Free crew members apparently died two or unaccounted for the mega millions lottery reports one winning ticket. We'll take the four hundred twenty five million dollars jackpot in Tuesday night's drawing that ticket purchased in New York state in Perth, Australia, Roger Federer, Juan bragging rights over. Serena Williams spearheading Switzerland's victory over the US in mixed doubles in the Hofmann Cup tournament. It's the first time the two of faced each other on court in a good natured interview after the match people talk about.

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