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Governor Cuomo, Manhattan, Kevin Ran Cohen discussed on Michael Wallace and Steve Scott


Stay informed. Stay connected. Depend on WCBS. I'm Steve Scott Wallace three things to know at five fifteen number one with the government shutdown over house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is invited President Trump to deliver his state of the union address in the house chamber on February fifth to the Justice department has filed Bank fraud conspiracy charges against the Chinese tech giant Weiwei and one of its top executives who allegedly misled American banks about why always business deals in Iran and three in Manhattan, housekeeper is in stable condition after the F D N Y rescued her from an elevator in her bosses Manhattan. Townhouse today she had been trapped in that elevator since Friday New York state, lawmakers are close to approving a new child victims act the afternoon, they would extend the statute of limitations and child sex abuse cases, WCBS Kevin Ran Cohen says the New York state Catholic conference opposes the act. It's an issue the pope himself way to not holding. Child abusers accountable. Governor Cuomo says the change of tone within the church has helped change attitudes here at home, the only sin, I believe greater than abusing a child would be protecting those who abuse a child the legislation which had been blocked for more than a decade by Senate Republicans would also allow legal action against public institutions Cuomo was asked what if that puts his school or a hospital out of business, then they shouldn't have committed the crime. The governor says it's time to stop the denials. They've been too many situations exposed the record is too. Well, founded the child victims act would give victims more time to pursue criminal charges or sued their abusers. It would also create a one year window to file lawsuits which are beyond the current statute of limitations. Kevin ranker WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eight governor Murphy and senators Menendez and Booker got a firsthand look at the. The crumbling state of the Hudson river rail tunnels today are rich lamb was aboard the train with the delegation threw a huge picture.

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