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Eight years ago in the twenty twelve seasons have a great university they're in rough impressions well I he's got a shot at making the steam probably not another statement but again you get that extra roster spot he has played a little bit in the outfield obviously he could play first I know you the emergency catcher this by the way is Bryan Mitchell who's come in handy right hander all the giants have not made an out here in the two four runs on four hits to the record of Florence he's gone Joey Barton is the attorney has homered to right center been safe on an error by the third baseman revel art and he takes a called strike right hander against right hander twelve runs on seventeen hits for the giants including four home runs today a day with the wind is blowing out the drive into center field the savvy drifts back with this will stay in the yard near the warning track he makes the catch that's the first time John let me knock one of these out the giants would like to announce amazing summer promotion in the twenty ten World Series team reunion that will collect over twenty two retirement ceremony and celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the SF giants dot com slash promotions and a check that out you can see the full list of events for the giants signed in Willie Mays played in the Negro leagues and I was a teenager is a hard one hopper the first rabbi Gavin sheets with the swipe of the glove and he runs into the bag to retire Heineman the second out of the finally this over to and now drew Robinson come gently twelve to seven nine thousand seven hundred twenty one the official paid attendance announced for.

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