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Sports Network Big Thanks to Barrett Salih, who just joined us on the show, where it was fantastic coming up in about 40 minutes. We'll talk to Kevin Boiler, CBS Sports NFL writer. Well, talking fell with him, obviously writes about the NFL. But what Barrett and I were just talking about, I don't think And I got a tweet from somebody. Let me let me read the tweet here. Okay? This from Moondog Moondog says Can I am so bleeping sick? You wrote the word of hearing about players getting paid its really simple They get all kinds of things that other students don't Hellfire. They get a free education. I'm G sick and tired of hearing this. All right. What? I read that at first Go roll my hold on here. My concern. Is this a Zerkalo? JJ football athlete. You provide a service? Absolutely. What you get in return isn't monetary. It is long term because let's let's be serious Moondog. Even though boy there's there's a lot of words I had to skip over here. Moved up mates couple points here, folks. Yes. You get a lot of things that other students don't You get you get a base of alumni who are usually very proud to help out a a former football player for their school with jobs and with opportunities and You know, if you if you become one of those great great former Clemson Tigers, you become one of those great great former Alabama Crimson Tide players. Let's be honest. You should be doing just about okay. Hell if you want a season true or if you win a Heisman Trophy over a season. I'll give you a job. Look, Vince Young look a choice, Smith. They had jobs that were really nice from the unit. Now. This may change that. But I will say that they had jobs from the University of Texas and Ohio State University is just like, Listen, just don't mess up. Both of them ended up, mess it up. But listen, just show up here and don't mess up and you'll be part of us because you're a great representative of what our school is because you become one of our heroes. So I do think that there is some we're going. Hey! Oh! Oh, Hold on, Sally, You're not getting anything over this. You have a l of a leg up over What I did You have a hell of a leg up. Where? Where'd you go to school? Pierre? No. I went to the college of Staten Island at CUNY School. It's that, Alan. You're okay. I don't know if they have. Do they have football. There were do not You. Okay, well, then, hell, okay. Hickey goes to Penn State. This is this. Probably question I should ask Gigi. I'm sorry. Nothing against the fine folks of the College of Staten Island there, Piano. I apologize. Oh, you can I'm sorry, buddy. I'm sorry. Okay? I didn't. I thought for a second. You might have went to Rutgers or something like that. I apologize. He went to the College of Staten Island. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the College of Staten Island. Go down. Let me you go. Dolphins. Why you call the dolphins up there in New York? I think that'd be a really nasty thing with the Jets there, But okay. Like Hickey goes, and he'll be in a noon eastern with the Penn State. Hickey. There is there are people who will help you out. Since you went to Penn State. That's that's perfectly fine. These are part of the connections that we make. If you're a big time college football player that went to Penn State, I'd be won'th a bit like se Sei Quem Barclay fell out in the NFL. I think sake want Barkley would be just fine with the network of alum that I went to Penn State. Because he gave them a lot of enjoyment toe watch their favorite college football team. Is that simple. So you do get something in return, and I do caution about this, and it's not where I don't think that you should get something for your troubles. It's not where I don't think you should get something for for putting in hardworking in effort, knowing that I know you have to train basically now because it's so cutthroat that it's ever been. I know you have to train as if you were a professional athlete, and there are people that are trying To get in on you. But there is also things where You have to take it. You have to take it. You have to take care of people who not are trying to take advantage of you. You have to take care of people who have been very giving to you. And it may be paid for your training and maybe have taken carry you and that's not just family members, obviously, and we've seen that in some cases. So it becomes a convoluted issue. What I warned and what I always warn before. This is if you pay the college football player, it's easy for me to sit there and get on the radio and get you to agree with me go. This is ridiculous. This is servitude. They need to be paid. It's easier for me to do that, because you and I pay attention to college football in college basketball. To a lesser extent, college baseball and a couple other sports What if I pay you? They're still going to take it away from somewhere else. I can pay you I can absolutely pay you. And when this is all over, and eventually there will be an economic fallout of this In college athletics. There will be a time where yes. They can afford to pay you and they've been able to afford to pay you. But if they afford to pay you That that is going to take away opportunities for other people who are either going to demand payment as well. It's just like any other business if they find out that they could be streamlined. And find a way that they could be streamlined and run better. They will do so. So while I pay attention to college football, and you do in college basketball and baseball and some wrestling and here and there I know there's such a thing is titled on. You're forcing them to act as if that they are a business even more so you'll start to get rid of sports just like they already are. Because now that if I have to pay that athlete, maybe not. The same is what it called football players. But if I have to pay that athlete, I'm going to get rid of that sport. They make their money. They're in the business of making money and they're going to continue to make money off of you, so they'll pay you, but they're going to trim the fat, so they continue to make the same profit off that athlete. That's his business Is business gets its The same thing in every business in college sports is absolutely a business..

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