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Hello and welcome Gary McNamara. I'm Eric Harley as we move into a Thursday, Gerry, how're you not bad. And you and I did some calculating here in our pre show meeting figured out that under Jeff visas divorce settlement his ex wife should be able to finance one thousand wall. Yes, we have determined here. At the Red Eye Radio math headquarters, let's go to the math desk now. And we believe calculating based on what the reported wealth of Jeff Bezos is and what his wife twenty-five years will likely get in a divorce. She will be able to buy the wall and also still get your deliveries within two days. She she she'll be able to deliver the wall in two days for free. You know, what's interesting is the talk of whether of how the divorce will be structured because she could end up. It's quite possible. With the being the biggest shareholder of Amazon. Now Jones does is at sixteen percent of the shares. I believe and this happened with Steve Wynn when he divorced his wife back in two thousand ten she ended up getting the majority or more shares than than he did. So she had a bigger seat at the table. So the the real estate guy who on the dodgers, I'm blanking on his name. But his divorced basically forced the family to sell the dodgers. So that could be it could be a big big deal. Remember when Amy Irving and Steven Spielberg got divorced two years. And at the time, it was the biggest settlement, and that it was it was like one hundred million bucks. Ondrej million you live in a totally different neighborhood than Jeff Bezos. Now what what would it be? I mean, if they split it, isn't that seventy eighty billion. Base. So the wealth calculation is fluctuating. Let's like right because the shares go up and down, right? Although Amazon, you know, was still there. Investors are still saying you should still by Amazon it's still growing, but it's anywhere between estimates today anywhere between one hundred thirty five to one hundred and fifty billion. It was reported last year was one hundred and sixty billion worth a trillion interview sixteen percent, they write first trillion dollars. Right. Right. Right. And so that's you know, it would make sense that then she would get eighty billion. She would get roughly half of that wealth, depending there there could be a pre-nup in place, but keep in mind that was twenty five years ago when they got married. You know, he did not have the the wealthy has today. But who knows maybe they did it just to do it? Maybe maybe it was trendy to do prenups. So no one knows about the. The details of it just the rumors surrounding it. You saw the National Enquirer story that's been circulating that he he was having an affair with the wife of a Hollywood agent. And so and he sat in his Bezos said in his tweet that they'd been separated for some time. Good luck to both of them. Just make sure my packages there in two days. Or less well here. Here we go coming up here. Trump apparently walked out of the meeting butts, not angry vice president Pence out and say, no he didn't storm out. He walked out. Yeah. He's the one that left, but he came into the meeting handing out candy to people. So we'll get to that New York Times story makes the point that we've been making I don't know for a long time new polling on border security. That's really interesting new report out Camila Harris to announce the run for president this month. Iraqi leaders urge the United States to keep a troop presence in their country. Mhm? Well, we know what has happened. I mean, the fall of muscle when it happened it lasted ISIS had control for thirty three months. You were the one that pointed out when when when Iraq gained remember that weekend. Something else was going on in the news and Iraq gained control of Mosul over a weekend. And there again there was there was big news somewhere else. And that was a that was a kind of on the back burner, but it was a huge story. And you you pointed that out, and we talked about it when they regained control over Mosul. But they know they know full, well what can happen? Well, I mean, this is the thing where you will have an primarily comes from the left not that it is not that. Libertarians don't bring it up at times that, you know, the United States by being around the world gives an imperialist, you know, imagery when it comes down to it even. In in a time where the media portrays United States as complete mess. Trump's in charge. It's just nonsense just infighting all the time when it comes down to it. The United States is still trusted as fair as being the leader in promoting democracy, worldwide you and I both said when we weren't working together. But it was when we went into Iraq. And I and we were doing different shows. But you know, you, and I've had the discussion on it. And we both said the same thing that if you're going to go in you better be willing to go in for decades. You cannot go into countries and then win and then leave because all you're doing is creating a vacuum. It's what we did in Iraq. It created a vacuum. We had to get back in again now. Yeah. There was pressure from part of the of of the country in Iraq. You know for the United States to leave. But as we know because you, and I covered it in specific detail. The United States under President Obama really wasn't pushing to stay at all. No, no. They really weren't. They really weren't pushing. They really weren't negotiating and the Iraqi government had no trust. In the Obama administration to commit so it got down to the point where they were. Well, we really can't trust this government. So we're better to be on the side of the public that says get out, and we wanna do this on our own now where are they in Iraq? And as you, and I've said before if you're going to be and if you're going to change a country that has been under totalitarian government for decades as Iraq was you need to stay in more than one generation. So you have generation of people that have lived under freedom, and they become accustomed to it. They know they know nothing else. But that not that they're going to be the US when they're on the other side of it. It's just that they have the freedom to make those choices. Well, I don't care if they're the US they become close enough to the US once they start practicing capitalism. And and this is what we've seen with. Well. Up until recently. The new attitude by the Saudis, we'll see where that go right from from for here. But, but the idea is that you you have an entire region that could change shift dramatically a drastically. And after that shift that would be lasting because you wouldn't. Well, what did we see in Iran? With with the in in, you know, a young person from Iran, who's who's made a great life. She's now citizen, right? Yes. She became a citizen. I think about three years ago. I haven't seen her in a long long time. But the point is is that the young people were discovering the next generation was discovering not that we had a presence in Iran, but the through the internet through communications, they were discovering. Different different cultures. I guess and and and they wanted they wanted more freedom. They're like well when by the time, she became a a well by the time, she came to America. I mean within and I probably met her after she had been here. I'm about a year or two here's completely Americanized. But she, but as she told me, she said because I asked her I said, well, you know, said look talked me, do, you know. Do you hate is there a part of you that even though you came over here because she was able to come over because her she had family that was over here. And there was a certain window. She had to make that decision. She made it at like eighteen sushi kept she came over. And she said, no, we love the United States. And I said, well, then what's the problem in your country? And I'm quoting her. She said, it's our stupid, religion and our stupid government. And I said, well, how do you know this? She said we have the internet. I said can't they block it. She goes, no. They may think they're blocking it. But they can't they can't block it all over the country. She said there's there's there's too many people in too many avenues for you to find out information now, which was again, I think it's an eye opener. When you when you realize that, but when you look at Iraq, and when you when you look at any country once I start practicing capitalism, which means voluntarily you, you wouldn't gauge in in contracts with others for your mutual benefit for your own self interest, and you have to cooperate with each other. That's why we have talked about the fact that one of the biggest things that will come out of the United States becoming the world leader in in oil and natural gas is it will force other countries in the Middle East that didn't have to modernize. They didn't. Have to practice capitalism, which means when you practice capitalism, you have to cooperate with other people worldwide, which means you have to be open and accept other people's customs. And other and other people's ways you have to become more open to all other societies as we are here in the United States. And so that's the biggest thing that I think will come out of it as these countries, and you see that push for example in Saudi Arabia. But I also think you see it quietly in a lot of other countries. Have you know, once they once they start doing it? And so if you know are people are gonna think exactly the same. No, they're not going to. But they end up. You don't want it. Again, there is no expectation people think the same. But you want them to be involved in the culture of what the culture of voluntarily cooperating with other people and accepting people why because it's better for your it's better for your self interest. And and that's what capitalism does so. But the interesting in Iraq where the leadership insisting that the United States, they're there when they saw the Syria thing, they're very concerned about it. They want the the Iraqi leadership wants the United States to stay in there because United States supplies. What what is the symbol now of the United States military in Iraq? Security and freedom. Well, and again, I think that thirty three months was a huge lesson for even some of the people some of the citizens of Iraq. When they saw the fall of Mosul they saw what their enemy ISIS could do. Well over a period. What is it fifteen years now over a period of fifteen years? You learn what people are about. And in fifteen years you're talking about a new generation coming in. You're telling talking about anybody was seventeen eighteen years old is now in their mid thirties. Seattle be what fourteen years here and a couple of months March of two thousand three right? Yeah. Wow. Now, six sixty six six fifteen hundred fifteen going on. Yeah. That's generation. That's a that's complete mean when when you talk about the the the young adults that are that are you know were teenagers back then now in their late twenties and well into their thirties..

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