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Six, twenty, three, O one. Kings are hiring the rockets assistant GM money McNair as the new head of basketball operations. So. there. Is that the kiss of death or what I mean no offense to anybody but. What a disaster that thing is honestly. The kings I mean in reality it's like going to hell isn't it? No offense I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'm just telling it like it is right. Is that where you go to die? It's not the place on your list when you're looking to. Jump up the ranks in the in the NBA. You don't start it up. You know what? The kings that's really a place where I can get things cooking, and that'll be my stepping stone to the next job. Did you ever see like when they were good though with Webber and Blahdy in those guys they were good. Those were good. Good Times one good time talking. In franchise history they have one good little section at time. So to Grand Guy injured than I he left the game. and. The other night it was ARRIETTA. That had the same thing happened both of them. Hammy. Right. So. Guys are dropping like flies. In. Baseball. And then I told you. There's only a few games going on right now twins up five one in the ninth on the white sox cubs, Tutu diamondbacks sixty angels and the giants now eight nine thing on the mariners in Seattle. So we're GONNA talk to Joe Lissi coming up but I wanted to bring up the golf really quick. So tomorrow, the US Open starts at the famed wing foot in New York. And I am just here to tell you just. So you're aware I. Don't know if you saw coast to coast today for scripted TV. But I had on David do sick of Golf Week and you know I have a friend a really good friend that is a member at winged foot. And this guy is from Pittsburgh and he is a great golfer. fact he lives on a great golf course in. Pittsburgh. That's legendary and the guys like Scratch Golfer, he can really play. And he's a member at a Guy Gos- more than when I now and he's A. He's a member wingfield. So imagine living in Pittsburgh, but you're a member wingfield. So I was at a club, the other day plane and I I think I I don't know if I told the story but Michael Jordan, Samuel Jackson Mark Wahlberg are all members there right. So these are Hollywood guys and. An NBA owner worth billions with his Nike Line, Michael Jordan and the most famous basketball player ever. And they're all members of this club in New York right? Not Winged Foot. It's a different. It's a different club and it's a really good golf club in New York City and. Same thing, my buddy lives in Pittsburgh, but he's a member of wings. And he told me. And he's never taken me golfing there and you know it's not like I see him ever I'm really busy but I see him if I go to Pittsburgh if I go home to a steeler game or Pangolin. Her my dad's funeral. I saw him and. I always see him when I'm when I'm home in Pittsburgh and he's a member winged foot and he he used to tell me stories about it, but it's the the most brutal golf course. In the country. Bar None like absolutely Barna now there's a lot of people that would say you know oakmont in Pittsburgh is legendary for US opens and it's one of the greatest golf courses ever and then you know Pinehurst there's people that would say. I think Pebble Beach is more beautiful and is probably the most beautiful golf course in the country, but it's not the toughest. It's really a good course, but it's not the Deva's golf course ever like bethpage black suede tougher. Right these are visitors something. That's all. That's all the pebble beach is it just looks cool. Ones. That's all it is. Okay. So wing foot is the most brutal golf course in America. I mean, that's what. I mean there's I. Mean like guys on tour are they not saying? This is the hardest of course they've ever played. There's guys it Justin. Thomas Tiger Wood they're all saying the same thing. That's the hardest golf course they've ever played. So. I am so excited. To Watch them all. Suffer. For the next four days I have. Absolutely. No reason for any reason at all to watch except to watch them suffer. Now I know that sounds cruel but I am cruel because we've watched these guys twenty, twenty, four, twenty, seven, thirty under par fifteen, hundred, ten, five at six at their never. Ever Right He's got everywhere. They play everywhere even Augusta? They're under par. It. Doesn't matter where they play. There's nowhere that they're overpower. And now we're GONNA see. The winner the last time they played their Jeff Levine was five over that one. So we're going to see guys literally they're GonNa be guys shooting twenty thirty over. And they're GONNA they're not gonNA make the cut but the cuts going to be gigantic it's going to be like. Who knows what it'll be but if the winner was at five, what would you think fifteen will be the cut. I mean it's be horrible. It's GONNA be. It's GonNa be horrible but I wanNA see it because..

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