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So do it again, dollarshaveclub dot com. Slash PMT. Okay. Here he is superstar. Gordon Hayward. Okay. We now welcome on a very special guest. It is Gordon Hayward, Boston Celtics legend, one game legend, one game legend. Let's memorable game. Let's start with that because I'm looking at your leg right now. Which one is, oh, let's big scar of star. So I saw in my googling before this. You said you are basically one hundred percent, right? What that's not. It doesn't sound like a hundred percent. Basically, I think that just means. I'm playing five on five again. I don't think there's any restrictions on my movement or playing time like or anything like that, but I don't feel like I feel like there's still a little bit left that I have to just get extra mental. It's the mental is the last prison shield LeBron James, you have pretty much no longer a broken foot. Yes, yes, foot injury survivors. So I, I know the answer to this question before asking, but the first time that you landed on your foot after you know your, we have after the surgeries. Were you afraid land on it for? Sure, I was, yeah, definitely. I think the first time that I played the first time that I'd like walked on it again. I was running on. I mean, there's like so many different levels of the progression and each time I feel like it was like a little bit nervous. I can. I do this. And so then you know, you asked to the rehab specialist and trainers like is going to be right, like it's gonna be fine, but until you actually get in and do it like I don't believe him. Was there ever point that you thought you were going to be able to come back for the playoffs last year because there was. A little buzz like Gordon, Hayward, he might do it and then hockey player would have done it. Yeah, but it was always find that interesting because I always wonder, is that the like the doctors are not the doctors, the media, putting a timetable on it, and then once timetable gets like, where's Gordon Hayward or was trying to push? Well. So when I first got injured and I was talking to the doctor like a surgeon about the timetable that timetable that day originally gave me which was kind of open ended. But they also said like it could be like five, six months. And so that to me, I was like, let's go with that five months, like be ready. And so I didn't want to like every day I was just working. I wasn't necessarily thinking about coming back to the playoffs, but every day I was working towards coming back to like before the playoffs. And then you know, when it was April and I still hadn't run yet. I think it was kind of like the book was shut, but I think it was funny because I do like an Instagram post of me like doing stationary dribbling and shooting the day after coach, Steven said, he's not coming. Back and then there would be all this hype like I'm coming back. Right and everything. Right, right. Even Scott a little pissed. Did he tell you to Kerr tale your social media post when he was like, hey, man, I just said, yeah, we had a good laugh about that. So you don't have to. You don't have to answer this. This is gonna be a hard question to answer. Truthfully, I'll answer truthfully. If I were Gordon Hayward. I always wonder when you're sitting on the bench and a team is having success..

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