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Everyday we've we've done better excited for. The switch what passed by James. Have my Spring Creek twits back. Everyone seen this coming. The Lakers have two of the top five players in the league. They complement each other well. They do all the heavy lifting. Just amaze that they talk about anybody other than him. down. Lebron is the most impactful player on the four in makes guys around him. Better Deep Dynamite League is not what it is makers. Raw J.. The finishing touches, we know who we are, we know we stack up against the best. Are NBA, bubble nothing SEGMA- comes to an end today with a look at all the king's men in Los Angeles. The Lakers were top dog. In the West, when the season was suspended with a comfortable five and a half game lead over rival lipper. The dynamic duo of Lebron ad has certainly lived up to the hype. Lebron having an MVP level season in the brow is one of the favorites to win defensive player of the year. Welcome back perk for this discussion for the sake of this discussion. Let's really focusing on Lbj so max is Lebron James still the best player in the world. Though. He's not he's not the best player in the world, and his title was taken. It's true because he was hurt, he didn't have a chance to defend it, but the answer right now is Co. why Leonard when it matters most, let's see how everyone plays now to Lebron's great credit. He got wiser as he got older. Instead of you know the Best Lebron James ever was on the heat when he turned into an all world defender, and his offense was as great as ever write like that was the best Lebron as he aged, he realized. He kinda. Put that much effort into both ends of the floor. All season plus the playoffs is going to be making finals runs every year. And he was right. He was smart. He took his foot off the gas in the regular season, especially on the defensive end, except for high leverage moments so that he could do his thing in the playoffs, and Lebron became one of the all time. These performance performance in the history of American team sports right like he really elevated in the playoffs, and he always had that to show us I'm still the best right or wait a minute look at Steph. He's now the best player won. MVP deserved it. Playoffs came Lebron showed. Look at K. D. and he's a two way winglike Lebron. Playoffs came around even when K. D. was winning championship Lebron still left no doubt especially in that first that first series against warriors that he was still the best player in the world, but guess what happened. He got hurt and he got hurt during a year at age where once again there were other players, the Greek freak during the regular season who show that they were better than Lebron in the regular season, but Lebron, with the playoffs to prove his point right, no, he didn't have that, and in his absence somewhat emerged agai already. Already one of finals MVP. A guy who proved himself in the biggest moments in the crucible of the play offs against the likes of the Greek Freak in the East Simmons and Embiid in the East and then of course it was a hobbled warriors team, but Lebron. We're to do anything against that warriors team. If there were full strength, anyway, coup, why showed from wire to wire in the playoffs when it mattered most that he elevated to Lebron James Levels when it mattered most that we won his second finals MVP award. It is now Lebron to go get it back. Go Take it from. It's probably going to be the Lakers and the clippers go get it. Bron, I predict he won't and right now at any rate, the crown rests on the head of the reigning and defending finals MVP. Kawhi Leonard! Though no and hell. No, no, the is still the best player in the world. I get what you're saying about. What he was able to do this no doubt. Shouldn't even begin to take that away from him, but Lebron still impacts the game Max better than Kawhi Leonard. Even though he was not in the playoffs last year. I'm not going to go against the guy that is averaging over ten is's per game was making the oldest played a lead. The League in assists. He's still impacts. The game is so many. Many different ways more than anybody else and I'm a John Fan vote. He's been able to do the Milwaukee Bucks and Linda Yeah. He loves having that ability to do that. Especially, make his way on defensive, getting better and better offensively, but you got a guy. James continues to elevate his game. I continued to elevate his teammates game. Kawai may have that. That championship belt because his team the last team to win the championship, but he is still the best player in the world meaning number twenty three in the form, blue and gold plan for the Los. Angeles Lakers whatever they need him to do this year. He's done it playing into post. Knocking down three spreading and people could -ticipant running that basketball poor custodian basketball team. He does so many different things as a Swiss army knife and be in charge of everything in making that work. Coalisland is great, no doubt about that, but the dude in the same city as him as Lebron James, and that due to not only best player in Los Angeles Lebron James to the best player in the world. makes. You have to store a sitting down and actually watching the games like doing a boxer. You really great it. You know when you know when to say hey. Guys Shoulda jabbed here and he should do uppercut. Watching the Game Max because Lebron James is the best basketball player. And he's been over the past thirteen years. He's been that over the past thirteen years, and he's still today. We Not GonNa live in the past and say oh, because he was injured that he got dethrone. We talk about this season this season. He's the best basketball player in the world. When you look at the impact that he has on, the court gets a numbers guy. He averaged twenty six points almost eleven assists and. And Eight rebounds I get that, but let's let's not take for granted what he brings to the table when he's on the court, the little things that he's do bright being the floor general making sure he put guys in position to be successful in guys in the right spot, making it easy on guys for on office of defensively. If you watch Lebron James, he's the best communicator in the gain today on the defense event. Event even when he's not involved in the in the play, he's on the weak side. Telling guys what rotate. Hey, the plane's coming to you. Hey is coming your way. Hey, get ready to white about the polls you up when you have that type of guy type of leadership that type of greatness director you not only doing your job, but helping others do their job and make sure that they're able to do their roles. Roles while they're on the court, debt is greatness that is the best player in the world. No discreditable Wa because I love Kuwa-, I think he's the second best player in the world today. We're Kevin, durant, being hurt, but when we talk about the things that Lebron James Bring to the table. If you've been watching these scrimmages doing this during this bubble time, he's been on a mission. He's been Richton them. He's been. Script expensively like I said before he's doing everything. Okay make wise for the. Guys. Could listen first of all counting numbers. I'm so sick of. Rebounds, and assists that is that is any great player who's very high usage in an era or assist them. Up a lot of numbers, guys wilt Chamberlain. Average fiftypoints. One, sixty, nine, hundred, sixty, one, sixty two season that same season. Elgin Baylor averaged thirty seven and Oscar Robertson had thirty point triple double on the season. That's because that year. The environment was conducive to those.

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